EXCLUSIVE — Venus Williams: US Open Loser But Palm Beach Real Estate Winner!

Venus Williams

PBG’s Venus Williams, after her elimination from the US Open yesterday in NYC (Splash News photo)

Palm Beach Gardens’ Venus Williams was bounced from the US Open in the second round yesterday, but she won one in the real estate game.

Home sale records show Williams made a tidy $96,000 on the sale of a pretty yellow colonial-style cottage in the Jupiter area of Abacoa.

Williams originally bought it in 2001 for her grandmother, Oralee Price.

Country star Alan Jackson sells Jupiter Island mansion

Price died several years ago and Serena Williams‘ older sister had no use for the three-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot house (below).

Singer Celine Dion wants $72.5 million for her Jupiter Island home

The crib went for $359,000 last month, according to records.

Venus Williams' cottage in Jupiter

Venus Williams just sold this colonial cottage in Jupiter’s Abacoa for $359,000 (Gossip Extra photo)

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    When I was a kid in the 70’s, my mom gave me a throw rug to put down in the hallway that looked exactly like her ill advised weave job. Did she put that on and look in the mirror and say “damn I look fine now !” ?

    Jose’ , that pic is of the New Haven community post office box building, but more importantly also home to Jazzercise classes every morning for the MILFs.

  2. MimiB says

    So… does she still own the home where she and her sister Venus used to live in the Ballenisles development off PGA blvd?

    • A 1911 SHOOTER says

      I used to rent a home two doors down from them in there,while my house was being remodeled. Our places were in St Edwards Estates.

  3. says

    You go girl. Just making money “hand over fist.” Yes, make that money work for you. You are blessed. Remember, to much is Given, much is required.I know you give back, so, please Ms. Williams, always give back, especially to the children, black, white, green, yellow or blue. A biggggg fan of yourself and your sister, Serena.