EXCLUSIVE — Broward Lawyer: Clients Can Wait, I’m Going to Million Muslim Counter-Rally!

Gabriel Carrera

Broward attorney Gabriel Carrera: There’ll be no Sharia law in America! (via Facebook)

While a fringe Muslim group is planning its Million Muslim March on Washington, D.C., on Sept. 11, motorcycle groups nationwide are planning a Two Million Bikers counter-march.

It’s also in D.C. — on Sept. 11.

And at slightly more than a week old, the national grass root bikers’ movement is taking hold in South Florida.

Take Fort Lauderdale immigration lawyer Gabriel Carrera.

He’s known as The Lawyer Who Rides.

He does divorces, immigration and litigation.

And he’s riding to DC to protest the Muslim protestors.

Carrera’s so serious about it in fact that he actually convinced a judge to postpone a client’s family court hearing because it coincided with his trip to the nation’s capital.

Bystanders won’t be able to miss him: He’s riding a classic Harley Police Road King with a giant Star-and-Stripes in the back.

“We’re riding to tell everybody of the love for our country and constitution,” Carrera says.”We’re very excited at the interest that our ride has generated.

“We’re going to ride north on I-95 and people are going to join us at just about every exit. There might be traffic problems by the time we get to North Carolina, but it’s all worth it.”

The movement grew from a Facebook page, and the announcement that a group called American Muslim Political Action Committee would march on the anniversary of the World Trade Center explosions to publicize, among other things, that Al Qaeda doesn’t exist.

“There are going to be a lot of people complaining about America,” Carrera said. “We’re not complainers. We love America, and we don’t want Sharia law.”

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  1. Mannix says

    Way to go Gabriel Cabrera !
    Same to all the other bikers who’ll participate on the 9/11 counter-march… though something tells me the million muslim march will change their plans.

    “… the American Muslim Political Action Committee, would march on the anniversary of the World Trade Center explosions to publicize, among other things, that Al Qaeda doesn’t exist..” FILTHY LIARS

  2. Walter says

    This guy is a FAKE! First of all, he is cuban hispanic immigrant wannabe biker. He is a weekend warrior biker and is clean cut with a suit all week long. He is not a true American Rebel biker, just an imitation. He needs to take off the costume and go do his lawyer job that he is not so good at. Its bikers like this this make me sick! They do not really live the real biker life! They are fanboys that do it cause its “cool”. This guy wont last an hour in a real biker bar. GET BACK TO YOUR DAY JOB AND LEAVE THE BIKER STUFF TO US REAL AMERICAN REBELS PHONEY!!!!!