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EXCLUSIVE — CBS4 Anchor Rick Folbaum’s Wife Breastfeeds in Grocery Aisles!


EXCLUSIVE — CBS4 Anchor Rick Folbaum’s Wife Breastfeeds in Grocery Aisles!

Kelcey Kintner

Kelcey Kintner, new CBS4 anchorman Rick Folbaum’s missus, with baby Cash (via Facebook)

The most interesting thing so far about new WFOR-Channel 4 star anchorman Rick Folbaum isn’t just that he was plucked from ultra-conservative Fox News Channel.

Rick Folbaum

Rick Folbaum, on Fox News Channel (Fox News Channel photo)

It’s his wife, Kelcey Kintner, a former TV anchor, and current Obama Democrat and at-home mom of five young children.

Kintner runs a mommy blog called, and it’s a great stop for child-rearing pointers — as well as stories about Folbaum that are sure to drive the PR types at CBS4 even nuttier.

Last week, for example, Kintner wrote about breastfeeding her little one, Cash, while shopping at a Weston supermarket with her three-year-old twins in tow.

There’s something about living in suburban Broward that makes it OK, I guess — even if Kintner’s writing is often tongue-in-cheek.

Check it out:

Mama Bird Diaries

Breastfeeding while grocery shopping? Must be a Florida thing! (

Then, there was the fact that Mrs. Ron Burgundy let the cat out of the bag about her husband moving to a new gig in Florida.

That, too, was on her blog — and way too early since CBS4 officials still had to find other newscasts for Eliott Rodriguez, who was replaced by Folbaum.

There was also Kintner’s wide-eyed discoveries about life in South Florida that made it look like Folbaum had never been here — despite the fact that the station claimed he had “deep roots” in the community.

And if you look deeper into mamabirdiaries, you’ll see that Kintner seems to be fond of President Barack Obama, not the greatest brownie-point getter for¬†someone whose household income came from Fox, and now the allegedly politically-neutral CBS4.

The station’s publicist didn’t respond to an attempt by Gossip Extra to cull a comment about the blog.


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