EXCLUSIVE: Divorce of Chris Evert’s Ex Final!

Andy and Debra Mill

Andy Mill and his wife Debra, last year in Aspen, Colorado (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-exclusiveAndy Mill, tennis legend Chris Evert‘s ex-husband, is officially single again!

It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive: Former Olympic skier Mill, 59, filed for divorce in a Palm Beach County court in May against Debra Mill, his much younger wife.

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Andy claimed his marriage to Debra, 43, is “irretrievably” broken.

The two, who have no children together, had an iron-clad prenuptial agreement that the judge ordered Andy and Debra to follow.

Mill, now a professional deep-sea fisherman, was married to Boca Raton tennis legend Evert for 18 years when, in 2006, they were felled by Evert’s well-publicized affair with Jupiter Island golfer Greg Norman.

Greg Norman, his first wife Laura Andrassy, Chris Evert and Andy Mill

Greg Norman (left), his first wife Laura Andrassy, Chris Evert and Andy Mill in the early 2000s (Special to Gossip Extra)

At the time, Mill accused the then-married Norman, his best friend, of making a play for Evert while the two couples were on a vacation together on Norman’s yacht.

He described the day he and Evert, who’s working the U.S. Open as analyst for ESPN, were divorced in a Broward County court as “the worst day of my life.”

As settlement, Evert paid Mill $7 million and signed over their $4 million-mountain chalet in Aspen, Colorado.

By 2008, Evert and Norman were married — but they were divorced in Key West less than two years later.

“I didn’t know this when I got divorced (from Evert), but I ended up happier than Chris, or Greg for that matter,” Andy told me when Evert married Norman. “We (Andy and Debra) do everything together. We go hiking, we go bow-hunting, we go fishing, we go camping. She’s beautiful and a world-class chef.”

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  1. says

    Chris Evert deeply regrets her divorce to Andy. I thought that breakup was sad.

    She obviously is.very spoiled – to do this to her children. Great player, perhaps not such a graceful woman in her mid-life. I feel sorry for the children to go through all of this.

  2. Jedge says

    I really hope Andy and Chrissie can put their beautiful family back together again. They were wonderful together, I think he truly understood her as no one else and the fact that they have weathered all the storms and are still standing, says a lot. She has admitted leaving was the biggest mistake of her life. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful ending to get a re-do! I’m sure their boys would be thrilled!

    • says

      Mmm, I would not say they are still standing. They are divorced. She left for another man, while married with 3 children.

      GREATEST clay court player of all time. Crummy person.

      I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her kids. Imagine having your Mom act like this.

      I am a fan of her tennis, but as a person, I would not give her time of day.

  3. says

    Do you get confidential divorce process? That allows the couple to feel safe, remain in control and in the end reach a self made agreement. Accept Florida Online Divorce services that are really confidential divorce process.

  4. lisa nelius says

    So sad, they both get married to another people and now they are both divorced!! Who ever said adults know what they are doing. Feel sorry for the kids to see their parents go through this. Also Chris’s abortion was a shock to me, thought she was a good Catholic, guess not!!!

  5. Verisimilitude says

    I don’t think Evert is a “bad person” — not by a long shot. She was a phenomenally gifted athlete with a steely and ambition and drive that carried her to 18 Grand Slam singles titles across arguably the three most impressive generations of tennis and she finished as the World No. 1 an astonishing 7 times. The kind of single-mindedness and competitive selfishness it requires to achieve such things comes often at the cost of certain elements of personal life. Plus, Evert had to deal with superstar-level fame at an early age (beginning in her teens) and she handled the professional side of her life beautifully. Even with the information-age developments, no female athlete on the planet was more famous than “Chrissie” — she was ever the picture of poise, too. That being said, she would likely be the first to admit that she made a lot of mistakes, a lot of forced and unforced errors in life, like anyone. The affair with Norman was a terrible scandal and what a wake-up call she got in terms of having to face the extent of her self-absorption head-on, long after the tennis victories were over and she was living a private life as wife and mother. People do some strange things in mid-life. We all know it. Evert made some whopping mistakes. What made me cringe was the way she went about the Norman affair in such a way as it appeared she was deliberately trying to emasculate Andy and humiliate poor Laura Andrassy in the forum of public opinion (flip remarks; gaudy wedding; “too-cool to touch us” jetsetting, etc.) Wow. Did that ever backfire on Evert in a big way. She and Norman came out looking deservedly wretched … and the illusion was over. The bubble burst. Lives (and homes) had been wrecked. All of this being done, I would still not condemn Chris. Pray you never make mistakes like that in your life. We’re all capable of it. I don’t know if Evert will ever recover her marriage with Mill (she may not deserve to, after such a stunt) but she can certainly find happiness and peace. I also think she ought to stop trying to be so obsequious to everyone, the way she’s been since the collapse of the Norman Folly. It smacks of “trying too hard to rehab my image.” Chris’s personality was just fine before. Funny lady and a champion with great insight. She doesn’t have to change who she is. She just has to get her personal priorities in hand for herself and her family, and THAT is her business (I won’t say “affair”.) Good luck to them both. And yes, Andy needs to fix the hair. STAT.

  6. Julian Steele says

    Mill is the hottest 61 year old out there! I disagree with the hair comment, he rocks it!