EXCLUSIVE — CBS12 Cancels Nightly News Slot!

CBS12 studio

Empty studio at CBS12: The station cancels 7 p.m. news! (via Facebook)


WPEC-CBS12 is canceling its 7 p.m. news show over the next few weeks — leaving anchors Ben Becker and Stephanie Watson to wonder about their jobs!

The 7 p.m. news became a unique local product in the market but never caught on with viewers as it competed since its inception seven years ago against lighter fares like gossip TV and Wheel of Fortune.

Stephanie Watson and Ben Becker: WPEC's 7 p.m. newscast canceled! (Gossip Extra collage)

Stephanie Watson and Ben Becker: WPEC’s 7 p.m. newscast canceled! (Gossip Extra collage)

Becker and Watson, who was hired in December, will be replaced by the syndicated tabloid show Entertainment Tonight, which WPEC canceled in the early 2000s.

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I’m told by a newsroom source that Becker and Watson found out about the switch from watching the promos about ET‘s arrival that WPEC has been airing for days.

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“They still don’t know what’s next,” the source said.

Cathy Younkin, their boss, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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  1. lee says

    typical WPEC if is Jose is accurate… run the promos…and then do a mea culpa with the anchors. Never saw the female anchor…but the male could go to a top 20 easily.

  2. Walter Concrete says

    Not surprised, although i hadnt realized the segment had been on for 7 yrs already. The problem with CBS12 is that there is no chemistry between the anchors. And I am not referring to the type of chemistry between Suzanne Boyd and that idiot dimwit Eric Roby.

    They seem to be oil and water matches. Talented individually, but a train wreck when combined.

  3. ExEmployee says

    This is great. I am happy to see WPEC fail. I would say ‘too bad’ for Becker. But he was an arrogant jerk when I woked with him. More to come at WPEC and other affils.

  4. lance says

    Be prepare WPEC employees Sinclair is not the friendly broadcasting company…It a corportate shark that only cares about the bottom line $$$$. They’re the worst broadcasting company that too bigand will fail…They buy up stations left and right and continue to dig their debt limts into billions of dollars….

    One day this company will fail, and WPEC employees need to dust those resumes off, because Sinclair not where it at-

  5. TC says

    In my opinion the 7:00 news was great. Most people get off work at 5, commute home 30- 40 minutes and are rarely settled by 6.

    • lee says

      As a news guy I always thought 7pm would be a great timeslot… but it always fails… women are home earlier…. and just want the wheels or the entertainment tonight’s of the world…..at 7.

  6. Kim says

    That’s rotten! I watch every night! Wpec no longer is the 1 to turn too! Now I’m changing to other Chanel’s for my news!!!!

  7. Roly says

    The newscast will be later moved to 10:00 p.m. on WTVX 34: The CW West Palm, starting in January of 2014. Is the Saturday 7:00 p.m. newscast being canceled as well ?

  8. julie bernstein says

    The arrogance of the male anchor Ida such a turn off. All of the other anchors have some chemistry, and show some personality. He’s so flat, and repeats stupid cliches that go overt like lead. Story for the female.