HORROR: Miami Man Kills Wife — Posts Photo of Her Body on Facebook!

Jennifer Alfonso body

Murder suspect Derek Medina posted this photo of his wife’s body on Facebook this morning (via Facebook)


A South Miami man allegedly killed his wife this morning then posted a photo of what’s believed to be her body and his murder confession on Facebook before surrendering to police!

Derek Medina, 31, who had small role on the Miami-based USA Network series Burn Notice and wrote online self-help books, is indeed considered a suspect in the shooting death of Jennifer Alfonso, his wife, according to South Miami police.

UPDATE: Derek Medina charged with first degree murder!

Medina and Alfonso, 26, a waitress at Denny’s, have been married since 2012.

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Some photos on his Facebook page show the couple and a girl about 10 years old. Her identity and whereabouts are unclear. Another picture shows a painting of Jesus Christ arm-wrestling with the devil.

In his alleged confession posted about noon, Medina wrote: “I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. Love you guys miss you guys take care, Facebook people, you will see me in the news.

“My wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope u understand me.”

When he posted the photo of his dead wife, Medina wrote: “RIP, Jennifer Alfonso”

Check below for more photos on Medina’s Facebook page:

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  1. John says

    take that picture down or censor it. the crime itself is awful enough but to actually post the picture for people to see is incredibly disrespectful to the deceased and her family.

      • Richère says

        Absolutly non respect for the familly, by showing these picture. You are right John.

    • Marcus says

      John, shut the hell up. I hate how folks think they can come onto a site and tell the site how to run itself. Overly stupid people are stupid.

      • Sean says

        Marcus. With an IQ as low as yours you should really watch calling other people stupid. This couldn’t be more disrespectful. If you cant see that you are a terrible person and a waste of a human being.

    • libny says

      I agree with john this picture should be tooken down. All you disrespectful people that wanna take this as a joke is sad. Give the family respect and the little girl as well they didn’t choose to be involved in this.

    • Saagt says

      You are a fool if you believe anything can be censored on the internet. The more you try to take it down, the more viral it becomes.

      • KC says

        And that is why we have the good folks at the NSA taking away our fundamental rights is because of people like you determined to violate the privacy of other human beings. And the only way you can reply or counter my argument is by hurling insults at me. You have not objectionable reason at all other than your obsessiveness with filling the internet with gore and other peoples personal business. You are a parasite, a tool, and a waste to the human race. Maybe it is you who should be in this picture, exposed to the internet for all to see, gawk at, laugh at and humiliate your loved ones with glee. Maybe than, you will understand what this means to other people But until than, you are a tool, you are the fool and you have no remorse nor emotion for the feelings of others around you.

    • Fred says

      You Americans and your fucking hypocritical censorship.. welcome to real life. Truth is not disrespectful, stop crying!

    • HypocriteNation says

      Very sad. RIP Jennifer.

      I find it very interesting that everyone saying, ‘Take the picture down! It’s disrespectful!’ have already seen the picture. Each of you came here of your own free will and damn well knew that the pic was included. The only point I agree with some of you on is that the child’s face should be blurred.

      For those of you saying that FL is the gunshine state…..this is MUCH different than the Zimmerman case. Martin was known for causing trouble and doing things he shouldn’t be. There were three white people killed by black youth in the months leading up to the Martin case, one involving a mentally disabled white man being gunned down in a Taco Bell drive through by a black man. I didn’t see ANY of you on your soap boxes then. Get over it. Continuing to harp on it does not let anyone get closure from it and move on. It is a terrible tragedy that a young person, Martin, is dead and my condolences to his family but harping on the racial baiting is not productive and won’t change the outcome. Not to mention, ZImmerman is NOT caucasian.

      It’s really easy to pretend to be of such strong moral fiber on the internet…when you really don’t have to prove it and no one knows who you are. SMH.

  2. Walter Mercado says

    When he wakes up from this he will be completely destroyed. when he is in his right mind; be it tomorrow, or in the future; he will probably hate his person…

    • says

      Walter… he’s gone brother…. he’s never waking up from this nightmare, trust me.

      RIP to him and his wife they both had this fatal attraction prewritten…. nothing anyone could of done/say/w.e would of changed this outcome I bet. Heck… if you cant tell from reading his patterns (whether it be thru his videos/socialprofile/pictures/etc) that he never planned this or thought it would of been something to think of…. it just happenned… just like many others on this planet…. another deadly mistake made by a human.

      Humans kill other humans everyday. Don’t just focus on those in the main stream medias lime light… they do what they do ONLY for profits.

  3. Wilson says

    WTF is wrong with you?!?!?! HAVE SOME RESPECT! What if this was your daughter or mother or sister????? You are sick!!!

    • Devlin says

      Well this is Florida.. so there’ll probably be a mistrial, or he be cleared completely..

        • JD says

          Mary, you and Devlin should move to the UK, if you don’t already live there. Self defense is illegal there, sounds like you both would be much happier without your civil liberties.

  4. gz lives says

    Why do all these murderin’ niggas look like George Zimmerman. And this clown lives in Miami 2, whuddafuck!!

    • Ore wa tensai da says

      No we can’t fag if you have any problem with that go some where else capitto!

    • Michael says

      Your going to get buttbunked by karma for using this for profit…. You sick bastard(BTW this guys link is not real, he is just a tool).

  5. Jeana says

    Is it really necessary to post the photo of the deceased woman???? I think her friends and family and the public in general could do without seeing this image.

  6. Sherry says

    Just when you thought people couldn’t use the internet for a scuzzier purpose . . . along comes Derek Medina. What a twisted piece of work is he, and what’s with the pathological need for attention? Seriously – he kills his wife, takes a photo of her bloody body, composes a message, and posts the whole stomach-churning thing on FB. And all that with her CHILD in the house! I’m not a vengeful type, nor do I support the death penalty often . . . but this POS? I’ve got nothing for him. Put him down like a rabid dog. Just erase him from the planet – We would all feel better.

  7. David-Paul says

    “Medina and Alfonso were married since 2012”. Huh? Dude, go back to high school. That should read: Medina and Alfonso had been married since 2012. You can’t say were and since.

  8. ThisSiteIsFilth says

    Jose Lambiet and everyone at Gossip Extra should be ashamed of themselves for posting these pictures. This is a murder investigation, and out of respect for the daughter and family, and law enforcement, these pictures should never have even been posted. The first picture is exactly what Derek Medina wanted everyone to see. He wants his name and face to be mass-publicized, and that is just plain sick! RIP Jennifer Alfonso, and prayers of comfort for her daughter and family.

    • dude says

      you should be ashamed of your self for being online an not expecting this. This is the internet, and censorship is for tight ass people who love giving away their liberties. This shit was posted on public facebook. Shut up and move on. Respect the fact that we have a free country, and a free place to post whatever we want, and the freedom to no read shit. Are you a commie?

  9. Amir Dalan says

    Why are Americans care about this photo? It is tragedy, but photo is no disrespect. Look on Internet, pictures of dead people everywhere, and disrespect never intended. This photo capture the realism of what happened. You Americans are too busy living in dreamland. Welcome to the real world.

  10. Outsider says

    The photo brings more clicks and profits. Gossipextra makes money with the death of a woman. This is sad and pathetic.


    • Dennis says

      YOU take that picture down. Shut up. You don’t want to see it, close your eyes, turn off the damn computer and mind your business. Stop telling people what to do, you’re no one’s boss on here!
      The jerk posted the image first on FB which makes it PUBLIC domain and this will aid in his trial to show what a heartless, insensitive monster he is.

      So be quiet and go drink your YooHoo, milktoast.

  11. Tom39 says

    Florida is on the map again. Derek Medina will be freed by jurors just like George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony. I hope the right decision will be made. This Derek should be just locked in the prison, and throw away the keys. His photos pausing with guns on other sites are not as clean as on this site.

  12. Pablo says

    Sick as it may be, people want to see that. It’s our disturbing natural inquiry. Humans are sad, sad creatures.

  13. Random NJ guy says

    Really? Your just gonna leave this up? For a story? For what? Your company condoned this action? Your peers? Your BOSS??? How about the editors… Man someone here is morally corrupt.. I can’t even get my words together SMH

    • dude says

      This is why American liberties die every minute. Because punk ass bitches like yourself think that morals hold value in the real world. People want to see it, it was posted publicly, and you’re a tight ass who makes it so we can’t have nice things… because there might be a titty on it, or there might be some “adult” content.
      Consume other media bitch!

    • Dennis says

      Cut it out. You probably downloaded the pic and saved it to each of your own devices. Don’t be so righteous. Mankind has become so desensitized to violence that the majority of people are probably looking at this picture while munching on a bowl of popcorn.

      If the pic wasn’t in demand, it wouldn’t be on here.

  14. Too soon?? says

    Ok here’s a story… Is that Tiger Woods in the background at the golf course???

    Of all the woman he could’ve messed with on the side..

  15. Anon Imus says

    For all the people that have commented that this is wrong how did you get here to post these comments? What did you type into google to find this?…. my guess is you didn’t “stumble upon” this. As for taking the picture down I don’t see that happening he will get his day in court just like everyone does. This will just become another thing in the past so please if you think your comments about taking this picture down is actually going to stop it from ever being re-posted somewhere else I’m sad to say you’re wrong this picture is probably saved 1000 times or more on someones computer.

  16. blazed says

    Sad.. so sad. From the pic looks like her last moments were spend begging for her life. Lock this animal up and put him out of his misery.. no regard for human life matter of fact his WIFES life.. but clearly concerned for his fb “friends”

  17. Jacob says

    Look, I Know you guys are getting mad about the pic but it obviously wasn’t put up to show disrespect, it was published to get the word out about this sad story. Its been a much worse, If you’re that easy to piss of then go to a censored news article there is a billion of them.

  18. pikeMom says

    All these folks,griping about the pic being posted,what did you expect when you opened up the story? I knew the pic was here.At least they didn’t post the pic on the front page! Some of you act as if you have never looked for Tupac’s Morgue pic or Marylin Monroe’s Dead pic
    I am quiet sure her parent’s brother’s sister’s saw this pic way before this site got it!.

  19. GatorMom29 says

    First of all, how in the hell did you guys even get this picture?! Second, this is so extremely disrespectful to her and her poor family. whoever put this picture up should be ashamed!!

    • Dennis says

      YOU should be ashamed for opening your pie hole! The picture was posted by the bastard that killed her on FACEBOOK! There’s no disrespect here. The public has the right to know and see what this monster did.

      You don’t like it? Mind your business and go knit a sweater. Stop trying to guilt the site admins who copied this on here. The “poor” family is not even probably LOOKING at this site, you sanctimonious busy-body!

  20. Fred says

    Everyday on the internet hundreds of videos of killed iraqui, palestinian, and afeghan people are posted on the internet, though people don’t get disgusted, a florida housewife is killed by her deranged husband and people get sick and disgusted… do i sense a bit of hypocrisy here? It is a horrible event, yes it is, the photo shouldn’t be online, i agree, but then, be disgusted aswell to what your own government does everyday on a foreign country. You all live on a society that invades and kills human beings because they do believe in different ideals then you, a society of hate like yours things like these.. are sadly expected.

  21. Alice says

    Why were you people looking for/at the picture if you didn’t want to see. it didn’t just magically show up on your screen. You had to be searching for it or click through to it. You might not like that it’s posted but you’re just as bad for looking. Now STFU abut it.

  22. alex says

    Do the family a favor and take down this picture of Jennifer please. We all know you want people coming to your site but her family is going to have to deal with the consequences they were handed because of a sick individual. So please do the family the favor of removing this picture

    • Dennis says

      YOU do the family a favor and shut up. What are YOU doing on here looking at the photo anyway? You’re curious just like everybody else. Damn hypocrite. The husband posted it, and now its news. This is the consequence of the society we live in, you don’t like it — move.

  23. 1Percenter says

    This guy is gonna get his bootyhole violated. Constantly, by a bigass dude named tadow

  24. me says

    First off trayvon wasn’t a thug he was killed by a creepy ass cracker and secondly who’s to say your ass won’t be next Bitch!!!! Lol

  25. Ariel says

    I solely believe the media has the right to use the resources they have legally been allowed to use to get a story across. The fact that this disturbing picture is a source and was publicly* posted gives them the right to use it. Judge as you please, and speak your mind. I too am disgusted by it, but at the end of the day the people who write such news stories are doing their JOB. Don’t disrespect the writer, I’m pretty sure if you all were in their shoes you all would quickly jump to post all first hand sources. Like I said, judge as you please… I’m open to everyone’s opinion…

  26. not sure says

    Funny all of you saying pic should not be posted and to have respect. Where is your respect? You were on here looking at the pic.

  27. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    78 comments..a new GE record..

    was showing this to some of my guys at the office. All of them are just returned Vets from ‘stan.(with lots of experience of shooting people in CQC.).they all said she was obviously on her knees, arms up, probly begging for her life as she was backed into a corner.

  28. Harris says

    He said he was standing his ground. Plus he’s neighbor hood watch, so he has to be telling the truth.

  29. Nope says

    BOO HOO, one person dies and the story makes its way to the news, while many others die everyday, and you don’t see people going, “Oh gosh, respect.” People these days.

  30. Tyler Jameson says

    He posted on facebook that his wife had been punching him, but then told his dad that she pulled a knife on him. I hope the prosecutors don’t forget the first post on facebook. I really hope this scum bag doesn’t get off on his BOGUS self defense claims. I hope he swings for this.

  31. Fuck off John says

    Why are you trying to hide the picture? Let America see what they are dealing with, give us the truth. Fuck John

  32. says

    not whenever they really dont care about our survival which they dont it could be bullshit but when it does come about it would most likely be somthing like this . NO warning at all, thats why every one of the main governments of the globe have been making underground bunkers which likely want perform anyhow

  33. Molly says

    What is wrong with society!!? Where and when did we decide that it is NORMAL and further, MORAL to put pictures of murder victims up on the internet!!!? Where and when did we lose respect for the deceased and the loved ones of the deceased?

    Just because images like these are everywhere does NOT make it right.