BREAKING — Judge to Bogus Michael Jordan Baby Mama: You Wanted to Play? Now PAY!

Pamela Smith

Alleged baby mama Pamela Smith, who was ordered to pay for Michael Jordan’s legal bills! (Special to Gossip Extra)


The woman who accused Jupiter NBA legend Michael Jordan of fathering her son and sued him for support in the days leading up to his April wedding has been ordered to pay for MJ’s legal bills!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (Splash News)

Court records in Atlanta, where the woman filed, show the judge who threw out her paternity case against the Hanes pitchman just ordered her to pay $9,700 in legal fees to the former Chicago Bull.

Pamela Smith, who wrote a how-to book about oral sex, claimed Jordan fathered her son Taj 17 years ago.

What Smith didn’t tell the judge, acording to the paperwork, is that Bears Club dweller Jordan already took a paternity test in 2003.

In case you’re wondering: MJ proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he didn’t do it!

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