Book Blames Palm Beach Billionaire Woody Johnson For Dead Daughter’s Problems!

Woody Johnson and Casey Johnson

Heiress Casey Johnson and her dad, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson (Gossip Extra collage)

flag-societyDaddy Dearest!

A new tome to be published next month  blames part-time Palm Beach County resident and New York Jets owner Woody Johnson for many of his late daughter Casey Johnson’s emotional problems!

Ahmad Rashad and Sale Johnson

Jupiter residents Ahmad Rashad and Sale Johnson, who were recently divorced in Palm Beach County (Splash News photo)

In an explosive book about the Johnson & Johnson founders’ family, Woody allegedly ignored his daughter’s continued need for love and attention — something that may have contributed to her descend into her tragic drug-fueled death in 2010.

In Crazy Rich: Power, Scandal & Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty, celebrity biographer Jerry Oppenheimer quotes Casey’s mom, Woody’s ex-wife and Jupiter resident Sale Johnson, in explaining poor little rich girl Casey’s quest for her powerful dad’s approval.

And ex-model Sale, who recently divorced NBA TV analyst Ahmad Rashad, didn’t sugarcoat it: “Woody overindulged Casey” because he “was raised with the idea that money can do everything, and that is what worked for him,” Oppenheimer writes.

Sale, who lives in a $5 million mansion at the fancy Bears Club, described Woody as “not a warm, cuddly kind of guy” who had a hard time dealing with Casey and her legendary party lifestyle.

“Casey was very complicated,” Sale says in the book, “and it was overwhelming in a large part for Woody despite his best efforts . . . All Casey wanted was her father’s approval. She lived for that, and she was so broken down because she didn’t get it.”

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Casey died at 30 from diabetes as she tried to emulate heiress Paris Hilton on the Los Angeles party scene with pals like actress Tila Tequila.

Sale said Casey often sent Woody loving letters, called him and left voice mails, did everything to attract his attention.

Nothing worked.

In death, Casey left behind an adopted daughter, Ava-Monroe, who’s now 6 and being raised in Jupiter by grandma Sale.

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