EXCLUSIVE: Dwyane Wade Ordered to Surrender His Sons to Ex-Wife!

Dwyane Wade and ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches (Gossip Extra photo)

flag-exclusiveMiami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade was ordered by a family judge in Miami-Dade County to surrender immediately his two boys to their mother, ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches.

The decision came after a contentious three-hour hearing this afternoon. The judge, Antonio Marin, had scheduled 30 minutes to discuss the situation!

UPDATE: Wade “satisfied” with judge’s ruling

Marin also ordered Funches to undergo an evaluation to determine whether she has anger management issues.

Wade was supposed to make the two boys, Zaire, 11, and Zion, 6, available to his ex last week as part of their routine summer visitations.

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Despite the fact that Wade has full custody, Funches gets to visit with the children every other weekend. In summer, she’s supposed to get them for two weeks a month.

But last week, instead of bringing the kids to Funches as planned, the ballplayer’s Miami lawyers filed an emergency motion to suspend further visits.

They also asked that Funches undergo psychological evaluation after Funches staged a strange sit-in protest in her native Chicago.

Neither Wade nor Funches attended today’s hearing.

“They (Wade’s legal team) didn’t have a sufficient legal basis to justify the suspension of Siohvaughn’s visitation schedule,” said Lisa Macci, Funches’ attorney.

Wade’s lawyers have yet to return calls for comment.

Wade and Funches managed to hammer out a post-divorce financial settlement last week in Chicago. It’s supposed pay Funches $5 million plus plenty of goodies.

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  1. Angel says

    Good, she needs to have contact with her children and the money. He should not be allowed to take everything from her.

    • Andrew says

      are you stupid???? she has so many issues its not right for the children to be in her custody. if shes smart, she would stop all this careless and selfishness and agree to terms and think of the kids. she gets paid so much a month, plus what she recently got in there settlement. kids in school now-a-days are mean and will taunt the wade boys about whats going on, and she doesnt care about that or there well being. how is her staging a “sit-in” in any way showing how shes doing this for the well being of her kids???? all she wants is money and is upset that gabrielle union has taken her place and funches is mad because she realized this all could of been hers.

  2. FortyTheRapper says

    I hate Wade’s flopping, whining, and his arrogance with a passion when he plays on the court. But Wade should have these kids, she’s a crazy ass lady with issues.

  3. Jayfreda says

    It seems that the ex wasn’s unstable when his ass was broke and momma on crack HUH.

    • tene says

      Where was Gabrielle when he turned up with his clothes in a garbage bag at her house with nothing on his feet, and hungry.

  4. Jayfreda says

    it’s seems that everytime a celebrity gets cash all of a sudden the one who was around when they ass was broke and a nobody they try to diss them as stupid or mental retarded.