EXCLUSIVE — The Miami Heat’s Shane Battier Buys Coral Gables House

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flag-exclusiveRumors that Miami Heat shooter Shane Battier would get traded flew when he put his house up for sale in June — but Gossip Extra has the straight dope: Battier expects to be in red and black next season.


He just plunked down $3.22 million on new digs in Coral Gables!

Miami-Dade County records show the 34-year-old recently became the proud owner of a 1926 colonial-style home at 4320 Santa Maria St., near the 15th hole of the Riviera Country Club.

The ball player’s new five-bedroom, four-bathroom home boasts 6,100 square feet of space fully renovated in 2008. It’s got hurricane windows and a generator, wraparound balconies and great party backyard.

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Records show Battier, who was benched several times through the Heat’s back-to-back championship run, paid cash. No mortgage was registered.

Battier put his smaller, more modern Coconut Grove spread up for sale last month, fueling rumors he expected team prez Pat Riley to give him the boot.

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  1. William says

    Beautiful Home! Congratulations! to you and your loved ones on having such a beautiful home

  2. Steve says

    Looks like you’ll have plenty of room for your next tractor trailer load of Bud Light !!!

    Good for you !!!

    By the way, if you need any help drinking any of it, just write, I’ll be glad to come by.

  3. Rashad says

    Straight cash homie in my Randy Moss voice lol. Congrats on the house Shane> Go Heat

  4. WhyNotNow says

    I love this guy. I have always loved this house since I first saw it in the 80’s. the fact that he bought this house AND after the team doused San Antonio, all the other members of the team were in tired ass sobe, this guy was with his family having a grand slam breakfast. Good going, mr. Battier.

  5. Anthony C. Perez says

    Hi, Shane Battier, How are you? Congratulations on buying a new 1926 colonial style home near the 15th hole of the riviera country golf club course in June 2013 at 4320 Santa Maria Street, Coral Gables, Florida for your family. Great work for winning back to back NBA championships with the Miami Heat. congratulations. Lets go Heat. 2006, 2012 and 2013 champions. winners. good bye.

  6. Steven says

    Shane Battier is a class act. I’m sure he would have been successful in any field he pursued as a career. Welcome to the Gables, neighbor. Great new digs.