EXCLUSIVE — KVJ Show Signs Off in WPB, Moves to Miami

KVJ Show

Outtahere: The KVJ Show’s Kevin Rolston (left), Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington (KVJ Photo)

flag-exclusiveShocking move in radioland: The perennially No. 1 KVJ Show, a morning staple in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast for 14 years, ends Friday.

Virginia from KVJ

Virginia Sinicki tried to become one of the Hottest Women in Radio last year and submitted this shot (Click on the photo for more)

Stars Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington, as well as executive producer Heather Nelson, are headed to Miami, where they’re starting a new gig Aug. 5.

It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive: The KVJ Show, which has been on the Clear Channel-owned Wild 95.5 FM during morning drive time for 14 years, is moving to Miami The Coast 97.3 FM, a Cox Media Group station.

The move from Top 40 to adult contemporary is sure to shock the fans of Rolston, 40, Sinicki, 39, and Pennington, 36, and their daily banter.

Some of the topics included Rolston’s obsession with Larry King‘s farting problem, Pennington’s search for Big Foot and Jackass-style stunts, and the sultry-voiced Sinicki’s relationship with her new husband, Panda. The show captured the essence of the Palm Beach area in all it gaudiness, fickleness and diversity.

Jason from the KVJ Show

Jason, with Kevin’s had on him in their spoof of a famous Adam Levine pose (KVJ Show)

How it will fare in the flash-and-dash Miami/Fort Lauderdale market is left to be seen, although Rolston tells Gossip Extra the cast welcomes the challenge. — UPDATE: The KVJ Show’s big announcement “It’s a very exciting time for us,” Rolston said. “We wanted to develop the show more, bring it to the next level, and we understood that if wouldn’t be possible in West Palm Beach. “The Coast is giving us the resources to create an even better show.” Still, says Rolston, leaving West Palm after 14 years won’t be easy. “We haven’t had a contract since January, so we were free to go,” he says. “But we’re sad, too. It feels like we’re leaving family and friends.” Clear Channel boss Dave Denver says he’s cheering for Rolston and crew. They’ll be replaced Monday by the syndicated New York City-based Elvis Duran.

Kevin from the KVJ Show

Kevin, with Jason’s hands on him (The KVJ Show)

“We were lucky to have KVJ,” Denver said. “Many listeners went from junior high school to married with children while listening to them.” — For more of SoFla’s best media gossip, click to register for the alerts Actually, audiences in Palm Beach and Martin counties will still be able to listen to the trio on the Miami station. Most of St. Lucie County, however, doesn’t get the signal, which covers all of South Florida south to Key West. The Coast is owned by The Palm Beach Post‘s parent company. It’s one of the lowest-rated FM stations in the area and is in dire need of star appeal in its lineup. And a much, much larger following! Disclaimer: Jose Lambiet appears on the KVJ Show every Friday for the gossip game

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  1. Bob Markey II says

    Another local radio disgrace, brought to us by Clear Channel. A very low rated and rarely listened to station owned by a smaller company can afford to pay the KVJ Show more money and offer it more support? So, now we in the Palm Beaches (the No. 38 market in the nation) are stuck with no legitimate local morning radio. It’s either out of Miami, New York or elsewhere. Maybe it’s time to just turn off the radio and go completely to MP3s or satellite. Thanks, Clear Channel. With the exception of the Love Doctors on WZZR (94.3 and 101.7; other shows there pretty much suck), which you lucky inherited, your company has all but destroyed terrestrial radio!

    • Fred Savage says

      Oh, my mistake. I see that you’re talking about CC not paying the show as they were on a Palm Beach station.

      Carry on about your day.

  2. loxahatchee larry says

    Miami huh? It will be interesting to see what kind of an audience they attract. 97.3 has been struggling for awhile. It’s been a revolving door of obnoxious chicks on the morning show. The weekend show isn’t much better. Maybe they should change management while they are it. Get some fresh blood.

  3. Steve says

    Wow…………first X102.3 goes to crap with nothing but R&B and Steve Harvey now this!!! Jesus……now there is NO LOCAL WPB station……sad sad day. I never thought KVJ would leave WPB!

  4. Tom says

    This really does suck I mean it’s good the KVJ show will still be on but it won’t be the same. They are local all of them lived here in West Palm Beach not Miami what the heck?

  5. Gary says

    The REAL question is – which happened first? The move? Or CC bringing Elvis Duran in? I know K V and J won’t say anything bad about CC. Does anyone know the REAL scoop?

    • Jose Lambiet says

      KVJ were working without a contract since January. In radio, that means they were free to go!

  6. Scott says

    I miss the KVJ show but luckily I can still get it on most of my route in the north palm beach county. I’ve listened to the Elvis Duran show and find it just a few steps away from trash. They are using sex to supplement talent. While sex may sell in the visual TV market, its just trash when its only audio. How about eliminating Elvis Duran and just playing music. Oh wait, I have an MP3 player in my car. Bye Bye 95.5 you have lost me as a drive time listener!

  7. Angela says

    The KVJ show is horrible. Great if you are an 11 year old and that woman’s voice not sure it get be anymore annoying. Time to switch to AM in the mornings.