Wimbledon: Serena Williams, Towel Thief?

Serena Williams at Wimbledon in 2013

Serena Williams was upset last week in the fourth round at Wimbledon to Germany’s Sabine Lisicki. Apparently, she had enough towels to cry into! (Splash News)

flag-ultra-localPalm Beach County tennis champ Serena Williams reportedly has a nasty habit: She’s known to steal Wimbledon towels!

And tennis officials there are on to her, too.

This year's Wimbledon towels, worth about $40 a piece! (Special to Gossip Extra)

This year’s Wimbledon towels, worth about $40 a piece! (Special to Gossip Extra)

Williams reportedly takes the two towels LENT to each player at the beginning of the match, and stuffs them in her tidy tennis bag.

Then asks for more — and swipes those, too.

When the five time Wimbledon singles champ lost in the fourth round last week, Williams collected eight of the purple-and-green rags.

If she didn’t return to Palm Beach Gardens with a trophy, at least she had the towels!

According to the London papers, the stodgy members of the All England Club have turned a blind eye to it because they’re a non-confrontational bunch.

“The players are requested to give the towels back,” an All England spokesman said.

And when they don’t?

“Well, people do like to keep mementos,” he said.

No comment from Williams’ side.

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  1. Jason says

    Utter rubbish! Must be a slow news day, oh did I forget how the biased media is intent on painting this legend in the worst way possible, yet Bill Clinton had his dick sucked under the table in the White House, well why isn’t that talked about!

    • John says

      Yup how much money has Wimbledon made off Serena’s TV ratings, the highest ever?

  2. says

    Roger Fereder said on TV that he steals towels alot at wimbledon and he laughed and said “but it’s for a good cause”, i give them to friends when i go home”. This writer is rubbish…mxxii