Wellington Equestrian Georgina Bloomberg Pregnant And Single — But Rich!

Georgina Bloomberg

Billionaire soon-to-be baby mama Georgina Bloomberg (equestrianstylist.com)

flag-exclusiveWellington equestrian and billionaire heiress Georgina Bloomberg is about to make her NYC mayor dad Michael Bloomberg a grandpa for the first time — even if Hizzoner is said to be livid about it!

Georgina Bloomberg, 30, is pregnant — and single — and the baby’s due sometime in January, a confidante of the well-liked show-jumping rider tells Gossip Extra.

The baby daddy is said to be her boyfriend of six months, Ramiro Quintana, a well-known professional rider in Wellington’s yearly Winter Equestrian Festival.

UPDATE: Dad of Michael Bloomberg’s grandchild: THE MUG SHOT!

“Georgina is pretty excited about the baby,” said a source in Wellington, “but her dad isn’t too happy about it. It’s so sudden.”

Several calls to the mayor’s office in New York City were not returned, and Mallet Hill resident Georgina didn’t respond to a request for an interview left on her cellphone.

Meanwhile Quintana, 36, is an impossibly handsome Argentine who’s known as a player when it comes to the ladies.

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“Georgina can do better when it comes to men,” the source said. “The guy’s known for his roving eye and partying as much as his riding.”

UPDATE: Nearly 24 hours after first being contacted, Mayor Bloomberg’s spokesman Marc LaVorgna released this statement: “He (Hizzoner) is thrilled and can’t wait to meet his first grandchild.”

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    I HATE her dad, but I would love to be his son in law.

    Our first meeting would be along the lines of

    Hello “dad” nice to meet you, Ok now we have that out of the way I need a moving truck to haul all my assault rifles into the new house and a Brinks Truck to start hauling all of your daughters cash out to my off shore accts to care for the new offspring.