Friends: Scottie Pippen Provoked by Comment About Hot Wife!

Scottie Pippen's family

Scottie and Larsa Pippen and their children at the Hollywood, Calif., premiere of Monsters University last week (Splash News)

flag-breaking-newsFort Lauderdale resident and NBA legend Scottie Pippen was grilled by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigators today in Malibu, Calif., after the beatdown of a man who asked Pippen for an autograph last night in a sushi restaurant.

Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen (via Facebook)

No arrest was made, but word is there’s much more to the story: Pippen, Gossip Extra hears, went to town on the dude after he made off-color comments about his wife, ex-reality TV star Larsa Pippen, who was also at the eatery.

The incident shocked several of the six-time NBA champion Pippen’s friends that Gossip Extra spoke with today, mostly because Pippen is known in South Florida as a sweet, even-tempered guy.

“We hear that the man who asked him for the autograph also mouthed off about Scottie’s wife,” a Pippen confidante tells me. “She always dresses pretty provocatively, and there are times Scottie is hearing about it. I know that bugs the hell out of him.”

Scottie Pippen became an NBA superstar as Michael Jordan‘s sidekick during the Chicago Bulls’ six championship seasons.

Former model Larsa, meanwhile, was on the cast of The Real Housewives of Miami‘s first season but was bounced because audiences found her impossibly boring.

She does shine on red carpets, however, after squeezing into duds that usually want to burst open.

The Pippens have been in L.A. for three weeks.

Larsa twittered photos of the family at the L.A. Zoo, Universal Studios and several parties.

Larsa also stopped by BFF Kim Kardashian‘s hospital room last week to meet Kardashian’s new baby.

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    So some dude hit the Sake’ too hard and called her out for dressing like a bowling alley hooker ??? well if the stripper heels fit ….

    why is she wearing skin colored knee patches ???

    Scottie should have done the right thing and decided not to reproduce, He’s got the ball skillz ,but damn that dude is fricken ugly and now he is infecting the population w/his messed up DNA.

    • Big Mo says

      Dude…someone infected the population with you! So why you hatin’ on Scottie for no reason?

      Haters gon’ hate? Yeah.

      He got money and you broke? Yeah.

      He got proven skills…and you just a wannabe? Yeah.

      Stop hatin’ and get a life, loser!

      • says

        what a sick sad pathetic little nobody!!! “mesed up dna” omg!!! i’d rather be infected with those gorgeous kids than your weasily, cowardly, keyboard shit talking ( probably bitter at the world for your miserable, ugly, boring, scared to say what you want face to face existence ) grow some balls you idiot and go interact with real people who can smash your stupid face in if you ever find the courage to talk utter unbelievable guff to them??? what’s that??? ain’t gonna happen??? oh sorry i didn’t know you were a 7stone skinny spotty who never leaves their room!!!!!!

  2. The Dude says


    America can use a lil’ less consequences when it comes to beat downs. More people need a good whoopin.