Chad Johnson Twist: Judge Who Saw Butt Slap is Legally Blind!

Chad Johnson in a Dolphins uniform

Chad Johnson, who played one pre-season game with the Miami Dolphins before being cut (

flag-exclusiveThe Broward County judge who sent ex-Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson to jail for 30 days after saying she saw him pat his lawyer on the butt this morning is nearly blind, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively.

Katie McHugh

Judge Kathleen McHugh: Legally blind? (Special to Gossip Extra)

And you thought Chad’s world couldn’t get any crazier!

Rookie judge Katie McHugh, who won her seat in November in an upset win over ethically-challenged former County Commish Ilene Lieberman, called herself “legally blind” during campaign appearances.

McHugh, 44, said she suffers from Stargardt’s Disease, a rare genetic condition.

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And her handicap made it impossible for her to obtain a driver’s license!

Yet, on Monday morning, McHugh told Johnson: “I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside!” (Check out the video below)

When reached this afternoon, Johnson attorney Adam Swickle declined comment on whether he would use the judge’s handicap in his defense of Johnson.

“All I can say is that we’re going back before the judge soon to try to settle this,” Swickle said.

Johnson and Swickle were before McHugh so that she could sign off on a piece-of-cake plea bargain agreement that would have kept Johnson out of jail in his violation of probation case.

When she asked Johnson if he was satisfied with his attorney, the ball player said he was. For emphasis, he jokingly patted the shorter Swickle’s butt.

After the courtroom erupted in laughter, McHugh refused to sign off on the plea deal and ordered Johnson taken to jail for 30 days.

Gossip Extra asked McHugh how she could have seen Johnson if she is nearly blind, but she has yet to comment.

When McHugh was elected, the state’s Division for Blind Services (DBS) saluted her arrival to the bench and identified McHugh as one of the agency’s clients.

“DBS has provided (McHugh) with adaptive equipment and accommodations for her visual impairment that resulted from a genetic condition,” read DBS’ April newsletter, titled Visionary. “When conducting court, she uses a CCTV on the bench to read legal documents.”

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  1. says

    I would bet the farm that Judge McHugh will reduce her sentence for Chad Johnson but it is difficult to believe that he was not exercising sound judgment in doing something that could only be construed as an attempt to be “funny” when “funny” was not the thing to be. She clearly, or maybe only clearly enough, saw what he did. Some judges would have likely seen it as a joke, but that was a risk Mr. J apparently was willing to take, in order to show his fundamental lack of respect. Bad choice.

  2. j.tullis says

    Add not hearing to your resume ! It was the people in the court room that laugh not Mr.Johnson!!! Hope that you do not need votes to keep your job.

  3. Jon Phillips says

    So the judge commends Johnsons lawyer for doing an excellent job, chad gives him affirmation of that by giving him a butt slap. Which anyone who has ever played sports knows that means good job.

    Its not Johnsons fault the courtroom laughed. Even the bailiff was laughing his ass off…..

  4. says

    We have bigger probems in this world. 30 days for being a douchbag is kind of harsh. Hope he doesn’t head-butt his new girlfriend Bubba in prison. Soap on a rope dope!

  5. Drei says

    Are you honestly misinformed or just corny enough to think that merely going to jail AT ALL will guarantee prison rape? First, prison rape isnt even that common to be a certainty in the first place. It gets less likely the lighter the sentence and facility. Given that Chad is a big guy, and famous? Zero chance at all of rape. Every guy who uses the “Bubba” cliche likes to think this way so the idea of vigilante justice exists even if the sentence is inadequate to the crime. I actually WISH more guys who deserved it would get it, but an unoriginal untruth is an unoriginal untruth.