Sex-Minded Groupies Dogging D-Wade, Gabrielle Union!

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

Actress Gabrielle Union gives Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade (Splash News)

flag-jocksMiami Heat star Dwyane Wade and sweetheart Gabrielle Union are still an item despite rumors of difficulties in the three-year relationship!

Wade and the Think Like a Man actress had not been seen in the same building in nearly a month – until Union showed up for the most recent two games at the Triple A downtown Miami.

For most of this year, with 40-year-old Union filming in New York City, Los Angeles and Vegas, Twitter has been the battle ground used by groupies to claim they’re having flings with D-Wade — and by Union to deny it all.

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One out-of-town woman posted photos of herself (below) in primo seats at the arena in early playoff games, with a note thanking Wade — who, by the way, is still dealing with post-divorce matters with the mother of his two children.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the hints in her thank yous!

And earlier this year, another hottie described what she claimed was 31-year-old Wade’s bedroom in Miami Beach, with photos of what she claimed is his nightstand.

She even thanked his personal chef for breakfast, and called the 40-year-old Union “too old” for the 31-year-old Wade.

Union responded on her Twitter account by calling that woman a “crazy loon.”

Union’s publicist did not respond to a request for comment, and Wade doesn’t comment on his personal life.

Wade and the Heat are meeting the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 of the NBA Finals tonight, and Union is still expected to be in he favorite seat.

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  1. meek says

    Gabby wad right to call her a loon… 1. If you gonna accuse show pictures, not pics that was seen on the internet a year ago. Just saying you slept with a man is different when you have no proof. Pictures say a lot. Lets say wade is stepping out, I’m pisitive gabby is not going to slit her wrist. Hell she can get whoever she wants

      • miss gg says

        I really don’t understand why some women thrive on breaking up something sooo beautiful Don’t u get it Gabby is not falling for your mess, so why don’t you use your energy taking care of yourself. YOU are sick u need help. For the chicks that posted the pictures claiming to be Dwade’s mistress. you look like two men with wigs on and blondie learn to pull the wig all the way on before you let someone take your picture. Next time a camera come toward u Run, Run, Run, Run like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • miss gg says

        r u ladies or gentlemen having fun at the game cause Dwade always have Gabby by his side

  2. bG says

    everyone knows including Gabby about the big rumor that D-Wade’s mistress is pregnant – and she’s going to go public – hence the reason for Gabbys camp to send out the “troubled relationship” stories … Cause for one she had no idea (until recently) and doesnt want to appear as if shes totally clueless and two they didn’t want this news leaking during the finals… So expect a ” big breakup” story and then some time will pass and some mysterious chick that D-Wade was “dating” during “their so called split” got pregnant ….oh and the twitter chick… Ya typical fake PR pawn to take any and all possible light off the pregnant girlfriend

  3. SoFlaFan says

    @bG GARBAGE!!!!!