EXCLUSIVE: Russian to Level Trump’s $95 M Palm Beach House!

Dmitry Rybolovlev's house in Palm Beach

Dmitry Rybolovlev’s house in Palm Beach: Take a good look, it’ll be gone soon! (MLS Records)

flag-exclusiveThe Russian oligarch who paid Donald Trump $95 million for a Palm Beach house is planning to level the place, Gossip Extra has learned.

Fertilizer king Dmitri Rybolovlev bought the 33,000-square-foot digs in 2008.

Dmimtry Rybolovlev

Dmitry Rybolovlev to level Palm Beach house! (Special to Gossip Extra)

It was South Florida’s richest ever transaction for a single family home!

And now, I’m told, Rybolovlev wants the destroy the white colonial-style crib — after having been in the house once or twice since he bought it in 2008!

One reason: mold!

Fungus that grew in the high moisture beach air has become a Walmart-sized problem!

UPDATE: I don’t care what the Russian does with the house, Trump says!

Ultimately, a real estate source tells me, Rybolovlev could end up subdividing the 6.26-acre property, which includes a 475-foot-long beach, into as many as a dozen large beachfront lots.

“He’s pretty mysterious about his ultimate plans,” said the real estate source. “But it’s clear that the house will be leveled by the end of the year.”

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Rybolovlev, who’s now spending hundreds of million on the French league soccer Monaco club, is in the middle of a nasty divorce that could end up costing him billions.

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His wife still has a lien on the Palm Beach property, dubbed Maison de L’Amitie, although that is expected to be cleared soon.

Dmitry Rybolovlev Palm Beach house

The entryway of the Palm Beach house that Trump sold for $95 million, only to be leveled by owner Dmitry Rybolovlev (Splash News)

Trump originally bought the digs in 2004 for $41.4 million from disgraced former nursing home tycoon Abe Gosman. It took two years to renovate, then Trump had realtor Kendra Todd, one of the winners of his NBC show The Apprentice, work on marketing the joint for a sale.

The Donald gave me a tour of the place in December 2005 as work on the house was about the end.

Trump showed me marble floors, bullet-proof windows, mahogany doors, giant skylights and a full-sized ballroom.

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There were seven bedrooms with 18-foot ceiling, and a working art gallery in one of the wings.

Trump also had the basement (a rarity in coastal Florida) redone to accommodate 80 — you read well — 80 cars!

John Christiansen, Rybolovlev’s West Palm Beach lawyer, declined comment.

Click on the video below for the grand tour:

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    Terrific, fertilizer KIng has his shitz together. When I visited house in 2007 it was a Regency loaded with fakes. Don’t think Town will let him knock it down with out a fight even though it’s very tacky. palm beach tide yacht club, tom davis

    • fred says

      Yes Tom but this is one time where the owner has a lot more money than the town…..I’ll wager there is an early compromise…

    • wounded defecater says

      Maybe now the “ronald” can pay back the taxpayer for his bailout and slumlord welfarism.

      Wall Street and NYC-NJ caused the 9-11 incident; and he could us back for that as well.

      Have a p!ss-@ss day.

    • te says

      Donald Trump is the poster child for Capitalism. The communists hope America goes the way Trump has gone.

    • Charles Hogan says

      He made $50 million and I would bet your using a free Osama Phone. Go sell your food stamps for some dope freak.

  2. trumpsdump says

    well at least trump will know what it’s like to be forced out of one’s home…what goes around….

  3. Bob says

    You people are trailer trash. You wouldn’t know style if it bit you on your greasy McDonalds fat asses.

  4. Jerry says

    The headline says the house belongs to Trump but the story says it belongs to a Russian. Are GED’s required for media jobs these days?

    • azjustin says

      Nope, no edumashcation required to be a “journalist”.

      I think most of them just slam their head on the keyboard and let spellcheck fix the major stuff.

    • Bob Davie says

      It’s basically “bait and switch” for journalists. They pick some tidbit of information about the topic they are writing about that is something that will attract attention (in this case the fact that Trump used to own the house) and use it for a headline to get attention. Then, when they get you to read it they spell out the facts that it used to be his home.

      And, the fact is that it was Trump’s home and it wouldn’t be wrong to say “Trump’s home” because that kind of description is done all the time. If George Bush sells his ranch in Crawford, TX it will always be referred to as the Bush ranch. When the college in Chicago leveled the apartment where Ronald Reagan lived as a child to make parking spaces, the media referred to the building as Reagan’s home.

  5. Jason Burnstein says

    @ trumpsdump…..What article were you reading ? The Donald made 54 Million dollars on the sale of this mold ridden house. It’s the Russian guy’s wife that holds the lean on the property .

  6. Monique says

    I’m a realtor and has been inside many times, there is no mold, there is no smell of mold and marble kills the mold.
    What Dmitry Rybolovlev wants to do is make 250 millions out of his investment by subdividing it and re-selling it to other Russians and middle eastern clients.
    The mold is just an excuse to get demolishing permit.

    • Realtor says

      Marble does not kill mold @Monique -however marble does lack the organic substances necessary to allow mold to grow on it. Keep in mind since marble is permeable- mold can make it into the stone from any untreated exposed surface. If the marble is not sealed every 3-6 months it will absorb the mold in the air/nearby. Mold that has been absorbed will result in visible stains to the marble that will naturally give birth to the debate of demolition or remediation.

  7. Cd says

    This success will never happen again in the USA,as long as the two liar’s @ the top Obama/Holder steal ever thought/ word dollar this Nation has. Where the hell is Obama’s background dami’t

  8. dollardown says

    I would like to have the tax and insurance for a year on that White Elephant. Wonder how much that would be?

    • Mumblix Grumph says

      I was going to post something similar. They must get paid by the number of X points used.

  9. Warren says

    Good deal. That’s American jobs to rebuild the thing, however it gets rebuilt, paid for by the Russian.

  10. bo jiden says

    Seriously, who runs this page? Junior high school kids don’t even use that many exclamation points. Where’d you get your journalism skills? The Enquirer?

    • Gossip Extra Staff says

      Actually, Bo Jiden, yes, the Enquirer. And I’m proud of it!!!!!!!

  11. Jack Pod says

    Lots of extras in the house but someone forgot to dehumidify the indoor ventilation air to keep moisture from causing mold. Sounds like Trump’s contractor who renovated the place took him to the cleaners so to speak. The Russian who purchased the place from Trump may not have gotten the home properly inspected before signing on the dotted line.

  12. Willem says

    With a good ventilation inside the house, and drying the air, the mold will desappear.