Palm Beach Socialite Thrust in Brooke Mueller Drug Drama!

Moira Fiore and Brooke Mueller

Palm Beach socialite Moira Fiore (left) and daughter Brooke Mueller (Splash News)

flag-breaking-newsThe Palm Beach socialite mom of Charlie Sheen‘s drug-addicted ex-wife has been enlisted to help her daughter, former Benjamin School cheerleader Brooke Mueller, continue getting the $55,000-a-month that Sheen pays in child support!

Mar-a-Lago club stalwart Moira Fiore has reportedly moved into Mueller’s Tarzana, CA., home in an attempt to save Mueller’s child support payment, according to radaronline.

Why is Mueller, who’s currently on her 20th stint in drug and booze rehab, so worried?

No children — no child support!

A judge in the Los Angeles area last week awarded temporary custody of Mueller and Sheen’s twin sons Bob and Max, 4, to another Sheen ex, actress Denise Richards, 42.

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And now Mueller, who’s about to be released, is set on trying to convince the judge that both she and Fiore could take care of the twins if she were to regain custody.

Mueller, 35, originally had her children taken away this spring by the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services because of an unsafe environment created by Mueller’s drug habit.

Richards, meanwhile, already has two daughters with Sheen, Sam, 9, and Lola, 7, and a third daughter, toddler Eloise adopted as a single mom last year — and offered to pitch in.

Insiders say Fiore’s motherly attempts to help her daughter may be futile because the boys are doing fine with their half sisters at Richards’ place.

A hearing could decided on that matter in June.

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  1. CashinIn says

    There is never enough money for these crack hooos. “gimme the kids and the 55k per month or just the 55k and you can keep the kids, I don’t care I want the money”. Sad, and her old lady is just as bad…NOW she flies to help her crackhoo daughter. Where was she when she should have been a mother? Swinging her saggys in Palm Beach trying to snag some more dough from some old coddger. Just out of rehab for the 20+ time and she thinks a judge will give her the kids. She’s still flying high. Garbage.