Chris Evert’s Ex Andy Mill Files For Divorce — Again!

Andy and Debra Mill

Andy Mill and his wife Debra, last year in Aspen, Colorado (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-exclusiveAndy Mill, tennis legend Chris Evert‘s ex-husband, is getting divorced again!

It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive: Former Olympic skier Mill, 59, filed for divorce in a Palm Beach County court last week.

It’s the second time that Mill files against Debra Mill, his much younger wife, this year.

He filed in March but the case was closed when they reconciled.

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Andy sent in divorce papers again May 22, claiming that his marriage to the 43-year-old Debra is “irretrievably” broken. He asked the judge to make sure that a prenuptial agreement signed before their September 2010 wedding be enforced.

Back in the mid-2000s, Mill was seen by the public as the victim of then-wife Evert’s well-publicized affair with Jupiter Island golfer Greg Norman.

Greg Norman, his first wife Laura Andrassy, Chris Evert and Andy Mill

Greg Norman (left), his first wife Laura Andrassy, Chris Evert and Andy Mill in the early 2000s (Special to Gossip Extra)

At the time, Mill accused the then-married Norman, his best friend, of making a play for Evert while the two couples were on a vacation together on Norman’s yacht.

Mill was married to Evert for 18 years and has three children with her, and took their 2006 divorce hard.

He described the day they were officially split as “the worst day of my life,” and said he couldn’t understand how the breakup could’ve happened.

Because Evert was worth much more than Mill, she paid him $7 million and signed over their $4 million-mountain chalet in Aspen, Colorado.

By 2008, Evert and Norman were married. They lasted for 18 months, and were divorced in Key West in January of 2010.

Mill, meanwhile, said he’d found love in homemaker and mother of two Debra’s arms.

“I didn’t know this when I got divorced, but I ended up happier than Chris, or Greg for that matter,” Andy told me when Evert married Norman. “We do everything together. We go hiking, we go bow-hunting, we go fishing, we go camping. She’s beautiful and a world-class chef.”

Mill hired West Palm Beach divorce guru Jeff Fisher to represent him.

Incidentally, Fisher also represented Greg Norman in his divorce from Evert!

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