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Buyer of A Rod’s Crib: “Our Parties Will be Smaller!’


Buyer of A Rod’s Crib: “Our Parties Will be Smaller!’

Alex Rodriguez house

Fewer parties but more calm as new owners take over New York Yankees slugger A Rod’s house in Miami Beach (Click on the photo for the tour)

flag-exclusiveThere will be changes in A Rod’s soon-to-be-old Miami Beach neighborhood.

The Palm Beach businessman who paid $30 million cash for injured New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez’ party house Friday says there’ll still be parties thrown at the contemporary mansion — just smaller ones!

The bikini-wearing admirers that A Rod had over? Gone!

Petra and Stephen Levin

Petra and Stephen Levin at the recent American Cancer Society gala in Palm Beach (Click on the Mike Jachles photo for more on the gala)

The huge gatherings for art lovers and local swells? No mas!

The paparazzi quietly floating by on boats? Sunk!

The neighborhood along North Bay Road is about to become a lot quieter.

“I’m not a celebrity, I’m a businessman,” said buyer Stephen Levin, the state’s largest beer wholesaler. “So (things like paparazzi) shouldn’t be a problem.”

Click here for the grand tour of the digs, as well as those of other celebs in SoFla

Levin and his wife Petra, a former Miss Germany, said they just like contemporary architecture – and the North Bay Road property may be the most beautiful they’ve seen!

“We just love that style,” says Stephen Levin, owner of the Doral-based Gold Coast Beverage Distributors. “And we were looking for something a little closer to our headquarters.”

Levin is a rather private fellow whose business employs 900 people and rings up $700,000-a-year in sales.

But his high-profile purchase has placed him in the limelight like never before.

His wife Petra is a philanthropist who recently hosted Donald Trump and about 400 people at a $1 million-dinner for the American Cancer Society.

The Levins say they’ll make a few minor changes but in the end, the 21,000-square-foot mansion will remain basically as is.

As for the yearly Art Basel parties for VIPs that A Rod organized at the house in December, Levin left the door open for more of them.

With a more exclusive guest list.

“Alex had huge parties for a lot of people there, but he would consider small, manageable gatherings,” he said.

And how did the Levins get along with the seller?

“Alex is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met,” Levin said. “He is a true gentleman, and a good businessman.

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