National Enquirer Heir Paul Pope Arrested on Stalking Warrant!

flag-exclusiveNational Enquirer heir Paul Pope is being arraigned this morning in a West Palm Beach courtroom after his arrest in Cocoa Beach on a stalking warrant.

Lois and Paul Pope

Lois and Paul Pope (via Facebook)

Pope is accused of harassing multi-millionaire Palm Beach socialite Lois Pope, his elderly mother.

It was yet another Gossip Extra society exclusive: Authorities obtained the arrest warrant against Paul, 45, on May 6 and gave him 24 hours to surrender and avoid an embarrassing perp walk.

Instead, the man was nowhere to be found and eventually turned up in a Cocoa Beach motel, where he was arrested by Brevard County deputies Saturday night.

Ironically, he spent Mother’s Day in jail!

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Paul was brought back to Palm Beach County last night, and he’s being held at the county lockup until bail is set.

According to the arrest affidavit obtained by Gossip Extra, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies interviewed eight witnesses who confirmed that they believe Paul is stalking his mother.

Click here to read Paul’s probable cause affidavit

Key among those witnesses was well-known Palm Beach philanthropist Suzi Goldsmith. She described Paul as “a nut” whose behavior is so unpredictable that she worries Paul would use one of his “many” guns to shoot his philanthropist mother, according to the PBSO report.

Goldsmith said Paul has been badgering his mother for money. The family was paid $412.5 million for the Boca-based Enquirer in 1989. Lois, the widow of founder Generoso Pope, received most of it but, over the years, handed Paul, who appears to have no job and has three young children, millions of dollars.

“Badger, badger, badger until finally Lois can’t take it anymore and gives him money,” Goldsmith told the investigators.

Since Paul started a new campaign against his mother this spring, Goldsmith described Lois, 79, as dazed and depressed.

What’s more, Lois recently hired round-the-clock armed bodyguards.

Paul denied he did anything wrong when deputies interviewed him two weeks ago.

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  1. Are you serious? says

    Why isn’t this creepy, self-indulgent scumbag in a mental institution? He should be ashamed!

    • Pauls friend says

      There are always 2 sides to a story when it comes to money and family fortunes. Lois is quite the actress and this entire Mommy Dearest situation is pathetic and sad. Body guards needed, ramblings of a bullet proof vest? Seriously anyone who knows Paul knows he is not a threat!

  2. Bethany says

    This guy is a nut case! I worked for him a short time and his behavior was that of the devil. He had everyone he came in contact with in tears. I hope he ends up behind bars where he can try bullying the inmates and get what he well deserves. The mother owes him nothing — he squandered his money away like a fool. He even had security guards 24/7 because he feels he’s so-o-o important. 3 children for whom he never wed. the mothers. I too would be in fear of what this guy is capable of. Total scum.