Mother’s Day: Dwyane Wade’s Embattled Ex Enjoys Their Children

Dwyane Wade's ex-wife

Siohvaughn Funches, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, spent Mother’s Day with their kids, Zaire and Zion, on South Beach (Click on the photo for more exclusive shots of the family)

flag-exclusiveThe woman that Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade‘s publicity machine called “crazy” and was arrested for kidnapping their two children last year sure seemed to enjoy the boys on Mother’s Day in Miami Beach!

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade, in the NBA playoffs against the Chicago Bulls (Splash News)

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive:  With Wade in Chicago for the NBA playoffs series against the Bulls, ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches spent the day with sons Zaire and Zion as the couple’s post-divorce proceedings heat up.

Wade, who’s hot’n’heavy with actress Gabrielle Union, and Funches have a date in a Chicago courtroom in late June to determine the division of their marital assets.

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But for now, Funches gets weekend visitations with the boys.

On Sunday, they were spotted frolicking on South Beach. They went for a swim and collected shells. Later, they had diner at TGI Friday’s and caught a showing of Iron Man 3.

In filing in a Miami-Dade County court last month, Funches complained that Wade made it hard on her to see the kids while Wade claimed she rarely took advantage of her visitation schedule.

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She claimed that Zaire’s travel league basketball trips to places like Detroit interfered with her mom time.

I’m told by a source that Funches actually missed a law school exam at the John Marshall Law School in her native Chicago to be with the kids.

Authorities in Chicago, by the way, dropped the kidnapping charge against Funches.

Dwyane Wade's es-wife

Siohvaughn Funches, aka Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, spend Mother’s Day collecting shells with her kids on South Beach (Click on the photo for more exclusive views)

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  1. Cherise says

    If this nigga was a regular guy with a regular job he would have LOST she would have custody of her sons as it should be! he is an asshole for this and for him and his people committing defamation of character! when her sons grow up and find out the truth of what happened they are going to hate him for taking them away from their mother!

  2. Tonya says

    Agreed! He should be ashamed of himself, Why in the world would you want to take your kids away from their mom? So Gabrielle Union can play house? She is able body and she is crazy because she has put up with all of your lies and cheating “trying to make it work” but you didn’t want that so now she’s crazy. I would fight and fight and fight until justice is served. D..Wade God will make you pay for wrong doing,yes you can move on to the other woman but not while hurting someone else and bringing them down. Gabby I see you are all smiles now,just wait until the Good Lord finish with you. You will lose him how you got him,however I believe in what’s right,however I am not a fan of you or MR.D.Wade. For Union have you ever been married or are you just around breaking up happy homes?

  3. Julie says

    So happy to finally see that she got to see her kids. I can’t stand Wade for what he did to his family. Why would you take the kids from their mother? One day they will find out how he really treated their mother. How would you kidnap your kids when you are at home? Of course they had to drop a trumped up charge. Union is a homewrecker, gold digger, and media whore. She is a mean girl still. When did she change. She encouraged Wade to take those kids. She enjoys the pain she has inflicted upon the boys mom. Union is a cold fish who lacks morals. I will not watch her shows or movies. She is the crazy one that needs the help. Hopefully, she gets it.