House Speaker John Boehner: My Daughter’s Big Fat Rasta Wedding!

Sundy House in Delray Beach

The garden of the historic Sundy House hotel in Delray Beach, where House Speaker John Boehner’s daughter was married last night (

flag-exclusiveIn a Meet The Parents scenario, Conservative House Speaker John Boehner‘s daughter was married to a pot-smoking Jamaica-born construction worker last night in an intimate garden ceremony in Delray Beach!

Lindsay Boehner, 35, said “yes” to sweetheart Dominic Lakhan, 38, during a brief sunset exchange of vows. About 60 family members and friends were gathered in the tropical landscape of the Sundy House‘s taru garden to witness the momentous occasion.

The number of guests remained low and devoid of famous political faces — considering that John Boehner is the country’s highest-ranking Republican elected official!

John Boehner and daughter Lindsay

House Speaker John Boehner and daughter Lindsay (Special to Gossip Extra)

The bride wore a strapless white gown that revealed a thick armband tattoo around her right biceps and bikini-top tan-lines. The groom wore a grey suit that prominently displayed his waist-length dreadlocks.

The lovebirds, who live down the street, were married on the edge of the historic hotel’s natural-water pools, where guests can swim with pond fish.

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John Boehner, a congressman from Ohio, wore a grey suit that matched the groom’s but quickly shed his jacket.

Male guests sported Hawaiian shirts and slacks while the women were clad in sun dresses and semi-formal gowns.

The ceremony took place under heavy security as wedding guests were handed blue wristbands to differentiate them from diners at the hotel’s restaurant.

At least a dozen plainclothes lawmen milled about the hotel grounds to keep photographers at bay as a helicopter hovered above.

A uniformed, shotgun-toting Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy stood by his squad car in the parking lot while Delray Beach cops were parked on the street.

The blinds at the restaurant were pulled down and diners who wanted to lift them up to watch the wedding were told they couldn’t.

The Wedding Banquet

The wedding guests, meanwhile, took place in the tiny banquet room about 8 p.m. and cheered wildly when John Boehner and his wife, Debbie, and the newlyweds walked in half an hour later.

Guests helped themselves to a buffet prepared by Sundy House Chef Lindsay Autry, a star of the Bravo show Top Chef‘s Season 9.

Because staff signed confidentiality agreements, no one commented on the record.

But one waitress who rolled her eyes at the idea that guests had to serve themselves said: “You’d think that they’d splurge on a five-course, sit-down meal! I thought they’d all be much richer!”

Cutting a rug

The dancing to the riffs of a three-piece band started about 10 p.m. John Boehner was spotted asking the groom to allow him to dance with his daughter as the band played The TurtlesSo Happy Together. The congressman also cut a rug with his younger daughter, Tricia.

The Jamaican side of the family, it seems, stayed off the dance floor.

The wedding became national news last month when the Boca Raton-based National Enquirer revealed that the groom was arrested in Broward County and charged with possession of marijuana — ironic news since John Boehner claims to be adamantly against the legalization of weed, even for medicinal purpose!

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  1. hostile elite says

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    • Sachchidanand Dhar says

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  2. Umm says

    Hostile Elite, you’re a tough act to follow. I’ll keep mine short and sweet.
    Best Wishes to the Happy Couple!
    And please reproduce lots of GOP babies!

    • Toa says

      Not likely that will happen; loos like a breeding ground for more Barak Obamas and Beyonce Knowles’s.

    • personhoodCO says

      You want more GOP babies like Boner? And you think you’re going to get them from a pothead & a woman whose biological clock in rapidly running out? You may as well vote for BHO a third time

  3. Buster Mosson says

    This is a secret plan by “crybaby” Rino Bo(eh)ner to get his foot in the WH. Barry Odumber has led the way for a candidate of a Black daddy and a White Momma to aspire toe be da Presiden o de United States. He probably will not be around to see it and that is the only consolation.

    • elaine lane says

      buster you are a fool Barack Obama speaks and writes English better than you do so stop with the stereotypes.

    • says

      if all you hate this marriage you should have killed all the white women at slavery time,because this is all our lives now,so please get use to this and wish the couple long and happy has no color,just like our maker.

  4. Hiram Davis says

    No matter how big a weinie the daddy is, you cannot blame him for his daughter’s stupidity and culture of disrespect.