Miami Dolphins May Consider Palm Beach County Stadium

Sun Life Stadium

An NFL stadium in Palm Beach County? Miami Dolphins bosses say it’s possible! (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-breaking-newsThe Miami Dolphins would consider building a brand new stadium in Palm Beach County, Fins CEO Mike Dee told reporters today.

Dee, who’s still smarting from the team’s failure to get state dollars to renovate Sun Life Stadium, was asked directly about Palm Beach County — and said the team would consider moving north.

“We’re open-minded to all long-term solutions,” Dee responded, according to The Miami Herald. “You can’t close the door on anything. I wouldn’t say it’s a priority to evaluate that and march down that road at this time, by any means, but the simple fact is we have to address a long-term issue with the venue. All ideas – good, bad, indifferent – should be considered.”

The Dolphins have been based in Miami-Dade County since the franchise’s birth in 1966.

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Owner Stephen Ross lives in a $32 million-house in Palm Beach and promised to keep the team in the area.

“What we said the other day was that the future of this venue (Sun Life) is certainly uncertain,” Dee said. “At this point, there’s no Plan B that includes another venue. But down the road, who knows?”

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  1. LoxahatcheeLarry says

    The fair weather fans of South Florida don’t support losing teams. Put a decent product on the field and fans will show up. Screw us like the Marlins did and well you get what the Marlins have. Oh, don’t go asking for any public hand outs or matching contributions. Its called Capitalism not Socialism. Curious how Mr Ross would have faired in a Socialistic world if he had to give 50% + to the government.

    The ghosts of Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt , Nick Saban, Cam Cameron and Tony Sporano are a live and well in So Fla. LOL!