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Middle Finger Miami Heat Fan is Michael Jordan’s Millionaire Jupiter Neighbor!


Middle Finger Miami Heat Fan is Michael Jordan’s Millionaire Jupiter Neighbor!

Miami Heat

Phyllis Tobias, is that you at the Heat game? Sure looks like it! (USA Today Photo)

flag-breaking-newsThe Miami Heat fan in the expensive courtside seats who famously flipped the bird at Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah last night has been identified as Palm Beach socialite Filomena Tobias!

Tobias, Phyllis to her friends, is the Ferrari-loving widow of deceased CNBC analyst and hedge fund manager Seth Tobias, who died under mysterious circumstances at their home in 2007.

“We’re humiliated,” said Tobias’ daughter, Victoria Racanati.

She spoke to Gossip Extra from the family’s $4.4 million-home at The Bears Club in Jupiter, three doors down from NBA legend Michael Jordan‘s digs.

“Why is everybody calling me about this? My mom’s a Heat fan who got a little excited. What’s the big deal?”

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The big deal is that the photo of Tobias throwing her extended middle finger at a beaten down Noah, whose Bulls lost by 37, went national in record speed.

Tobias is not picking up her cell phone this afternoon, and her voice mail is full.

Phyllis Tobias

Feeling more calm and composed: Filomena Tobias (right) with a male friend and daughter Victoria Racanati at a Palm Beach charity function in January (Mike Jachles Photo)

But in 2007, the hard-bodied widow‘s temper was very much an issue as police in Jupiter considered her a “person of interest” in the death of her then-husband.

For months, cops investigated leads that eventually led them to San Francisco, where they interviewed an Internet fortune teller who claimed that Filomena Tobias admitted to killing her husband during their $5-per-minute conversations.

UPDATE: Game 5 tickets for sale on eBay for $5,000 are NOT Tobias’

She was never charged with a crime in connection with the death, which was eventually ruled accidental.

Seth Tobias’ autopsy showed a high amounts of cocaine, Ambien and booze in his body at the time of death.

The death placed a bright light on the Tobias’ lifestyle of fast cars and drug use.

At one point, Filomena Tobias was considered for a role in a Real Housewives-style show that was to take place in Palm Beach. The production never moved past the pilot.

Heat star Dwyane Wade, meanwhile, called on Tobias, a season-ticket holder, to cool it.

“At the end of the day, we’re all human,” Wade said. “We’re regular people just like you, and it’s unfortunate. We just want to ask our fans to cheer for us, to boo them when you come here and all of that, but let’s stay first class around here, Miami.”

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