National Enquirer Heir Paul Pope Facing Arrest in Palm Beach!

flag-exclusiveNational Enquirer heir Paul Pope has been “strongly suggested” to surrender to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies today, or face arrest and a perp walk, after his mother complained that he has been stalking her, Gossip Extra has learned.

When reached on his cell phone this evening, Pope said he didn’t want to discuss the charge and couldn’t talk because he was going into a meeting. He promised a statement (about his pending arrest) later.

Paul Pope

National Enquirer heir Paul Pope, facing stalking charges in Palm Beach County (Special to Gossip Extra)

One police source told me the 45-year-old Pope was expected to surrender, get processed and freed on bond later today or tomorrow morning.

Pope recently published The Deeds of My Fathers, a biography of Generoso Pope, his dad and the founder of Boca-based Enquirer as we known it today.

He is also the son of Palm Beach socialite Lois Pope, a philanthropist who has donated millions to South Florida charities.

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The two have feuded for years about the spending of the $412.5 million that the Enquirer was sold for in 1989.

Paul has accused his mother of ripping him off while Lois says her son can’t hold a job and does little more than finding ways to spend the money she gives him.

Last month, she asked a Palm Beach County family judge to issue a restraining order against Paul. She accused him in a long hearing of domestic violence and stalking.

That case is pending.

But now, sources say, the matter has spilled out of the civil court realm and into criminal law.

Last week, Pope filed a lawsuit against his mother for taking out a ransom and kidnap insurance policy against him and his underage children without telling him.

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  1. says

    Gosh, here’s a family more dysfunctional than most. It makes a certain member of my extended family appear sane, which she is not. There is always someone who has it worse especially when money is in the equation. How sad that a mother has to sue her son and vice versa.

  2. The Duke of Delray Beach says

    Beezarre family from the git-go. Socially uncomfortable dad, Generoso Pope, the godson of Frank Costello, ’50s capo di tutti capi of the Mafia; mother Lois, former New York torch singer; various sons and daughters, mostly marginal airheads. Lois gets $200 million from sale of the Enquirer, primary kids get $20 million each, pipsqueak Paul (never actually had a real job) burns thru his in about a week (yacht, high living, general stupidity) and wants more, more, more. Lois runs a “charity” with hugely expensive personal spending and a tiny percentage going to the supposed beneficiaries. Can you say “greed heads with no conscience, class or intregity?”