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Mario Chalmers’ Baby Mama: Gimme More Money!


Mario Chalmers’ Baby Mama: Gimme More Money!

Mario Chalmers

Baby mama to Miami Heat star Mario Chalmers: If you make more, I need more! (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-exclusiveThe Miami Heat, it seems, are having a harder time dealing with women than opponents during these NBA playoffs.

In the wake of new skirmishes between Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife first reported last week by Gossip Extra, Mario Chalmers has become the second Heat star dealing with domestic unpleasantries as the team shoots for its second consecutive championship.

Chalmers was ordered by a Miami-Dade County family judge to give up his financial documents during a hearing on Thursday as the mother of Chalmers’ young daughter asked for more child support.

Chalmers, 26, has 30 days to make it happen. By then, the team could be in the league finals.

The hearing was called in the re-opening of a 2011 paternity and child support lawsuit brought by Chalmers’ longtime girlfriend, back when he played for the University of Kansas.

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The case was originally closed in January 2012, when Chalmers was found to be the father of a now three-year-old girl named Queen Elizabeth Chalmers. Chalmers signed off on a child support deal with mom Brittany Burrough, whom he currently pays $2,600-a-month.

Now, however, he’s making much more money after he received a three-year contract extension.

“Mr. Chalmers has been a gentlemen and has been paying as agreed,” said Burrough’s lawyer, Roger Schindler. “But Mr. Chalmers is also a very talented athlete whose income has substantially grown since that agreement.”

Actually, it grew at least fourfold — to $4 million a year!

“We’re asking for a modification of the child support agreement to something that’s fair to both parties,” Schindler said.

Schindler cited Florida’s legal principle of “good fortune” child support, in which a parent making seven figures could be forced to pay more than the state’s established guidelines.

Chalmers’ attorney didn’t return calls for comment.

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