John Boehner’s Daughter: The Rasta Marriage License!

Dominic Lakhan

Dominic Lakhan, the groom and House Speaker John Boehner’s future son-in-law (National Enquirer photo)

flag-exclusiveAll the fun that Democrats had with straight-laced GOP Congressman John Boehner‘s daughter being engaged to a pot-smoking Jamaican dude didn’t dampen the lovebird’s enthusiasm!

John Boehner

John Boehner, on Meet The Press (NBC Photo)

In fact, Lindsay Boehner and her betrothed, construction worker Dominic Lakhan, walked into the office of the Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller‘s office yesterday in Delray Beach and applied for a marriage license!

And Gossip Extra has a copy: Click here to see the license

The couple opted against undergoing pre-marital counseling, which could have saved them $30 on the $99 fee for the license and allowed them to be married on the spot. Instead, the license is only valid as of Sunday.

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Lindsay Boehner and the dreadlocks-wearing Lakhan have yet to sign the paperwork to make their union cast-in-stone, but that’s supposed to happen after they’re pronounced husband and wife on May 10 near the Delray Beach home that they already share.

The lovebirds made national news last week after the 38-year-old Lakhan’s arrest record became public.

While House Speaker John Boehner has been squawking about the evils of pot, even when used for medicinal purpose, Lakhan was arrested in a traffic stop in Broward County in 2006 and charged with possession of cannabis.

John Boehner's family

House Speaker John Boehner’s daughter Lindsay (right), wife Debbie and youngest daughter Tricia (Special to Gossip Extra)

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  1. sharon says

    this is downright racist, because he is rasta he is automatically a pot smoker now . sad
    then one article “stack” him up again clinton and bush daughter’s husband. what because they are more financially set, does not mean they would make better husbands.

    • NightRidda says

      Hey, girlie, if the shoe fits (or the pipe lights), wear it (or smoke it).

      Besides, I thought you weed heads are proud of what you are (or aren’t).

      What a confusing world, no?

  2. lisa says

    Just for the record not all dread-wearing people come from Jamaica. Also … this article as many others are depicting – in a bright light – the ignorance of American Media.

  3. Leon says

    What a disgrace! “Conservative” father can’t even control his own daughter! No wonder Obama runs circles around this jerk.

    Boehner – RESIGN, you liberal creep!