PHOTO: John Boehner’s Rasta Son-in-Law!

Dominic Lakhan

Delray Beach’s cool dude Dominic Lakhan, House Speaker John Boehner’s future son-in-law (National Enquirer photo)

flag-OMGIt’s a far cry from the Republican country club crowd, but House Speaker John Boehner‘s son-in-law (above) looks like a sweet guy!

The Boca Raton-based National Enquirer outed Delray Beach resident Dominic Lakhan this week as the guy who’s about to marry conservative Boehner‘s eldest daughter Lindsay Boehner.

The wedding is scheduled for May 10 in Delray, according to the lovebirds’ wedding registry.

Lakhan, 38, is described by neighbors on Allen Street as a cool, mellow Jamaican who seems to get along with Lindsay just groovy.

Lakhan and his soon-to-be father-in-law, however, aren’t likely to get along on one point: Lakhan was once arrested by Broward County Sheriff‘s deputies who found pot in his car, and Boehner doesn’t even believe in weed for medicinal purposes!

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  1. John says

    Looks like a cool guy to me, Boehner should “Light”en up and switch from those nasty tobacco cigarettes he chain smokes to something more therapeutic!

  2. Wendy says

    Have you ever smelled someone’s dreds? They don’t smell like roses! I can’t even imagine what a Rastafarian’s head must smell like. Cut your hair man!

  3. says

    We will continue working preparing the process to cast into the Lake of fire and Sulfur to the infinitely nasty black African Barack Hussein Obama and then he will not be
    already more and we will see and we will know that ever was, because we will continue without let do no work. He that has ears to hear and eyes that you have
    see. And he is a foreigner in United States, listen well, this insolent cursed black African is not from here, but very far from here that is and belongs to Mombasa, Kenya,
    Africa. To the honor and glory of God.

    • Sacuri Malapoososi says

      I dont think Griffin is a Native American name either. You too came from somewhere to our land!!! Shut your ignorant mouth

  4. roger says

    Wonder why John hasn’t invited his newest family member to sit in the House gallery when he’s making one of his hateful speeches?

    • says

      Your a Jackass American was built on Illegal Immigratition Indian are the rightful owners of America after Chritopher Columbus wiped out most of the Indians they took their land go read a History book you low life piece of shit

  5. gloria moodie says

    I happen to know this boy’s parents and about his upbringing in Jamaica and they were
    a fine family,Have not seen him since he has grown but clearly he chosen to be
    rasta farian and that’s his decision,Would there be such a furore about him if he was jewish?. Let’s stop this petty behaviour and become rational human beings and wish them
    well. She took a long time to choose her partner,because he did not come out of
    Washington does not make him an outcast..get real!!!!!

  6. gloria moodie says

    No, I did not comment before,Is there some biased reason why you refuse to publish my
    commenys?If I had commented before how come it is not posted.bias indeed!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rubeana AlsbeanNaturally says

    Ignorance is bliss indeed. All dreads aren’t smelly. If anyone doesn’t wash their hair, their body, then they will stink; whether your a rasta or not!!! Funk has no discrimination. If you don’t wash you will be funky. I do hair for a living and I wash cut plenty of white folk who need to have their hair shampooed but refuse and I have to cut their dirty greasy smelly hair

  8. Owen D says

    Let’s wish this couple a long and happy lasting relationship. May God bless their union and may they multiply abundantly.