Vic Damone Battles Sick Wife’s Family For Her Millions!

flag-exclusiveLegendary 1960s crooner Vic Damone is entangled in a tug-of-war in a Palm Beach County court for control over the destiny of his ill wife and her fortune.

Vic Damone and Rena Rowan

Vic Damone and wife Rena Rowan in 2010 (Special to Gossip Extra)

Silk-voiced Damone, 84, is battling his socialite wife Rena Rowan‘s two daughters over whether Rowan, who suffered a debilitating stroke in 2011, is well enough to make her own decisions.

According to court records, Rena’s daughter Nina Rowan claims Rena is too ill to function while Damone says his wife of 15 years is doing just fine.

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Both parties argued their side in court yesterday in West Palm Beach, with Nina asking for the appointment of a guardian for their mother other than Damone.

What’s it all about?

Damone has been trying to limit access to his wife by daughters Nina and Lisa Rowan, and both want to see their mother, court records show.

But, like most things in Palm Beach, it’s also all about cold hard cash.

Rena was a successful clothing distributor who started the Jones New York chain in the mid-1970s. In time, she sold her shares in the company and made a bundle.

One source tells me Rena could be worth in the $50 million range. She owns two homes in Palm Beach worth a combined $6.2 million.

Gambling, mooching off women

Daughter Nina, meanwhile, worries that the socialite’s fortune will vanish into Damone’s pockets.

Vic Damone“The value of (Rowan’s) property is at risk if the husband is able to manipulate the alleged incapacitated person to change her trust to name the husband as a beneficiary,” Nina’s petition reads.

And a not-so-sterling portrait of the singer of On The Street Where You Live is painted by the daughters in the court file.

“(Damone) has a gambling problem,” the recent petition also reads. “He had been married four previous times, and had lived off the assets and income of each of his former wives to their detriment.”

Already, according to court papers, Damone received $5 million cash from his wife after a post-nuptial agreement was signed. The condition was that Damone would never ask her for money again.

Two bitches trying to upset me!

“Obviously, this has nothing to do with my wife but with the fact that her daughters don’t get along with me,” Damone told Gossip Extra in an exclusive interview. “These two bitches are trying to upset me.

“I have my own money. I don’t need my wife’s. I love my wife and I’m taking care of her. She’s not incapacitated. She’s coherent. She’s doing well.”

Judge Diana Lewis sided with Damone yesterday, and declared her capable to make her own decisions.

Nina Rowan’s lawyer has yet to return calls for comment.

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  1. Victoria Damone says

    I found your article about my father, Vic Damone absolutely incorrect about this character portrait that you have provided to your readers. In fact it is the polar opposite of who he is. I would hope that being a “journalist”, Mr. Lambiet, you would have checked on some facts prior to printing this.
    I will provide you a snapshot of Rena’s daughters in a brief and unfortunate encounter I had with Lisa. Several years ago I had my newborn daughter with me in Palm Beach, and was accosted by Lisa Rowan in a bathroom whom literally screamed at me saying, “Your father will never ever get my millions that I am entitled, that is my money”. All the while I am holding my newborn daughter!! The girls are insecure and troubled souls.
    The list goes on and on of Rena’s daughters despicable behavior. Nonetheless, my father loves Rena, as she loves him. He has been faithfully by her side completely and unconditionally by her side because he loves her. In addition, my father does not have a gambling problem. He also has plenty of money of his own and does not need Rena’s. The really sad part, Mr. Lambiet, is that if you did spend time with Rena and my father you would probably see two people whom love each other, and that what defines them is not what is at all portrayed in your article. I will lastly add that both Lisa and Nina, whom we as a family have tried to embrace out of respect for Rena, continue to try to demonize Dad, have stalked him, viciously spread lies, and are so consumed by what seems only obvious to me as their concern over their inheritance with no regard for truth and the love between Dad and Rena. Mr. Lambiet, my father is one of the most gracious men you would have the good fortune to meet, and he is one of the most forgiving as well. Perhaps you will cross paths with Dad one day, even have an opportunity to recant your story based on the truth of his true nature of devotion for Rena. Kind regards, Victoria Damone

    • Allison says


      I had the great pleasure of meeting your dad briefly, in June 2011. It was Bruce at L’Europe in PB who told me it was your father, sitting alone a couple chairs away. He had just spent most of the day at the hospital with Rena. He had to have been thoroughly exhausted – both physically and emotionally, but was so gracious to say hello. More than that, because it had been a particularly rough day for your stepmother. It wasn’t looking at all good. I’m so glad to read that she is out of danger and comfortable together at home. I’m sorry you’re having to go through all of this. I’ts not right. Your father is an extremely caring man, and I wish the very best for you all. I am also glad to read your step brother’s post, in support of you and your family. I truly wish all the best for you — You’re a GOOD daughter!


  2. David Rowan says

    I agree with and support 100% of what my step-sister stated.
    It’s true and accurate.
    Sincerely, David.

    PS: Thank you Victoria

  3. James A. Rowan says

    Good for you Victoria! I have to agree with everything you said. Mr. Lambiet needs to get his facts straight. The only correct ones that I can find are that Vic and my mother are married and that my mother had a stroke!!! Unfortunately, my two sisters in my opinion are seriously mentally and emotionally challenged whose primary concern is getting their hands on my mother’s money. Sadly, the last thing on their minds is my mother’s welfare and recovery. They’ve done everything in their power since day one to deter her recovery! This whole affair has been my primary focus since the beginning and I couldn’t praise Vic enough for his total devotion to my mother throughout this ordeal. I thank God that mom has such a loving husband to take care of her through this difficult time. I guess mom knew what she was doing when she made Vic her number one health surrogate and not either of her daughters in her living will. FYI, mom appointed me the number two health surrogate. All I can do is pray for them and hope that they see the light and put aside their greed, venom and selfishness and put mom and her getting well first. Sincerely, Jimmy Rowan

  4. Suzanne Kent Cooke says

    Dear Mr Lambiet,
    I just wanted to inform your readers that the man’s comment you just posted, Mr Jimmy Rowan, is a WHITE SUPREMIST! Jimmy Rowan is a great supporter of DAVID DUKE, and contributes money to his organization. Jimmy Rowan has two large SWASTIKA’S on his back.
    So this is important that everyone to understand this man has zero credibility, as he has such hatred for the BLACKS and JEWS.
    More to come.


    Suzanne Kent Cooke

    • James A. Rowan says

      Dear Suzanne Kent Cooke, in the strongest language possible, I totally reject your outlandish claims. Where is your proof? I would think that someone such as yourself who was married to a public figure would know better. I can only assume that your emotions got the best of you. Since I saw you in court with my sisters Lisa and Nina, I gather that most of your information comes from them. It seems that you don’t realize who you are dealing with. As I stated before, both my sisters are mentally and emotionally unstable people with serious drinking problems. They are the last people on earth you could expect to get any reliable information from. I hope you wil wise up and do a little more homework on this subject yourself. I value my reputation and will not let such lies about my character go unchallenged. If you do not provide any evidence to back up these false allegations or retract these statements, you leave me no choice but to take whatever measures are necessary to clear my name!!! Jimmy Rowan

    • Doris Enow says

      wow …what a hateful comment against a person . You can’t hardly know this as a fact and only hear say..Sorrry they have to go through this misery.

  5. Suzanne Kent Cooke says

    Dear Mr Lambiet,
    As a native Washingtonian, I am familar with Mrs.Rena Rowan’s Wing at the UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. And that is why I made the statement earlier, regarding Jimmy Rowan, Vick Damone’s step-son , being a WHITE SUPREMIST .
    As the current exhibition includes Rena Rowan’s family roots Polish/ Lithuanian, in which the current exhibition at “The United States Holocoust Museum is showing at this time.
    And find it very shocking for Jimmy Rowan to take such a horrific stance against the Jew’s!

    Sincerely ,

    Suzanne Kent Cooke

  6. Ronald ( Brigade #2506) says

    Dear Mr Lambiet,
    Ms. Victoria Damone’s devotion to her father, though laudable is misguided and predominately fictitious. For example the reference to your ” character portrait”of her father in Ms. Damone’s first paragraph , she found to be “absolutely incorrect….. It is the polar opposite of who he is.” However, the only ” character” of Mr. Damone in your report, is proffered by Mr. Damone’s own words. While in one sentence he professes his love fo” his FIFTH WIFTH ” Rena Rowan Damone. In another sentence, he refers to Rena’s daughter “As These Two Bitches”. Where is the love?
    Mr Lambiet, the second reference to a ” character portrait” made by Victoria Damone in her letter, is where she, like her father, viciously attacks the character and reputation of Rena’s daughters. The lack of respect for Rena Rowan “Damone” is STUNNING at best, troubling at most. Just saying something does not make it true.Victoia Damone’s accusations made in a public forum opens her up to slander, liable, and defamation of character scrutiny.
    The third ” character portrait ” in Ms. Damone’s next paragraph ” …. My family and I tried to embrace them…” To which family does she refer, as her father is on his 5th marriage. And I believe that whatever family she sites, came into Renas family in Palm Beach. Vics and Victorias world was L.A., Palm Springs, Vegas, Texas, not Palm Beach.
    Further, it is IRONIC that the only references to money are made by Mr. Damone and his daughter. Illustrating how misguided Victoria Damone really is because of her lack of factual information. It seems like Mr. Damone and his daughter constantly refer to RENA’S MONEY. The court hearing was NOT about Monet, it was about Mr Damone blocking a mother from seeing her daughters , and potentially undoinging and disrespecting Rena’s carefully hard worked out plans, which Renas lawyer Ken attest. First of all Mr Damone was well compensated by Rena Rowan when they first got married. Rena gave Mr Damone ONE MILLION DOLLARS and then again in 2004 another FIVE MILLION TAX FREE, in a post nupuial agreement. It is public knowledge and documented that Rena Rowan Damone has paid and continues all expenses, for Mr Damone. So I believe Mr Damone has been and continues to be well taken care of by his ailing wife. Both Vic in your article, and Victoria’s letter, both refer to the fact, ” that Vic Damone has his own money and therefore need RENA’S MONEY”. So let us see if Mr Damone will finally assume his financial spousal duties, let’s hope his daughter Victoria follows his responsible lead.
    The people that seem to be responding to Mr. Lambiet article live in Montana, Pennsylvinia, Texas/ Connecticut. The daughters live ten minutes from thief mother in Florida. Lets just hope that Rena Rowan’s wishes will be honored.

    Ronald Foreman

    • James A. Rowan says

      Mr. Foreman, whoever you are, what planet do you live on? Everything in your comment is incorrect except that Vic has a daughter Victoria, my mother has two daughters and the states we live in. As you stated yourself, just saying something doesn’t make it true. I think you need to do a little homework and get your facts straight. Sincerely, Jimmy Rowan

    • Carolyn says

      Gee, Vic Damone is the epitome’ of a real Gigilo ! What a wusp ! So – o -o, he will be able to leave HIS children an inheritance . . . thanks to his current wife’s money ! I bet Diahann Carroll was relieved to get rid of him, and I wonder how much it cost her ! I read that they had a trublent marriage, and I bet it was all because of his alleged gambling problem !

  7. Ronald Foreman says

    Jimmy Rowan
    We look forward to your next visit to South Florida, and not only do we have the top Crimminal lawyers to back up all information regarding your activities.
    Before coming up to the Attorneys office, we can make sure to arrange a meeting . Which will take place w/ our private photographer , and that will prove our point regarding the tatooes on your back.
    Then we would like to take you to lunch in “Little Havana” for a plesant conversation with some of the Senior Members of Brigade 2506!!!!!
    Don’t worry about getting all primped out, (in a suit like u did for court in WPB ) just wear a pair of your HIGH HEELS combat boots. And a real loose fitting flowery t- shirt , and innstead of the small gold hoop earrings you wore to court, wear those big expensive diamond STUDS!
    Alright Jimmy Boy, we will be talking soon.

    • no glittz or glamour says

      Oh me too, Hollywood man… I have been hearing similar stories about another singer’s daughter of that genre…this garbage seems all too common

  8. Milton "Mit" Otte says

    Dear Vicky, Let’s get back to Vic Damone’s powerful and unmatched quality voice. I have worn the disc Vic Damone “16 Most Requested Songs” out and am getting a new one. What a shame that Sinatra and friends marketing was able to offset Damone’s superior voice and talent. Victoria, I have purchase a Voco Pro Star Karaoke machine. I am a “long in the tooth” 82 years of age. I have Karaoke discs for Rodgers & Hart, Jerome Kern and would love to have a karaoke in the style of Vic Damone. I can appreciate any effort to protect Vic’s proprietary property but is it time to let singers experience the emotions that Vic generated?
    Warmest regards, Mit Otte 941-379-8953, 4388 Bowling Green Circle, SarasotaFL 34233

    • Milton "Mit" Otte says

      I have nearly worn out my Vic Damone, “16 Most Requested Songs” and I am purchasing a new disc. Mr. Damone’s pure voice and power remain unmatched today. I recently purchased a Voco Pro Star Karaoke and have Rodgers & Hart and Jerome Kern Karaoke discs. Is it time for Mr. Damone’s management team to let singers experience the emotion
      in their own voice Vic Damone created for listeners? Milton “Mit” Otte

  9. Katie says

    I absolutely LOVE Vic Damone. I had the pleasure of seeing him at the 400 Lounge in New Hampshire many years ago. He even kissed me. Not that it meant anything but, it thrilled me. I never forgot it. I wish him well.

    • Carolyn says

      Wow ! I would DIE if my new idol, Bruno Mars were to kiss me ! Oo – wee ! I did not act a fool when my old idol, James Brown kissed me when I was 18 years old, but I did not wash that side of my face for a week ! Heehee. Well, I am OLDER now, and I wouldn’t be able to contain myself, if I am kissed by a younger man ! Bruno Mars is just TOO FINE. Um -hum ! I may be old, but I ain’t dead ! You better believe it.

  10. Carolyn says

    I guess no one remembers Vic Damone’s marriage to actress Diahnn Carroll ! Huh ? Well I read that they had turblent marriage, and it probably was because of his gambling problem. If his current wife gave him $5 million and told him never to ask her for money after he recieved that $5 million, then I would assume that was ALL that he will get, and the rest will go to her children ! He should have invested that money wisely, and if he did do that he should not need or want another dime of his wife’s money ! It is DISGSTING to see a family fight over money . . . . especially when they DID NOT work for it ! It reminds me of Ecclesiastes 2:18 – 23 ! ! What a shame !

  11. Carolyn says

    Diahann Carroll has a child named Charves Damone, so does anyone know if she and Vic Damone had a child together or did they adopt !

    • Hahaha says

      They don’t have a child named Charves Damone, I was trolling and making a point how people shouldn’t use Wikipedia as solid information. LOL

  12. SUN VALLEY, ID says

    I am an outsider with absolutely no agenda, but let me get this straight….

    A talented Immigrant mother begins a storied career by humbly making men’s ties in Philadelphia and then co-founds one of the most iconic brand names in the United States of America (Jones New York) with the brilliant Sidney Kimmel. Then, on the cusp of her 70th birthday, she marries a popular singer, Vic Damone, who is marrying for the fifth time and is gifted $6 million by her and allows his new wife to fund their lavish lifestyle. Rena sadly suffers a debilitating stroke and a war ensues over visitation/access to her and her fortune.


    1) Vic received $6 million and has allowed another wife to continue to fund his lifestyle for fifteen more years into his mid-80s…good for Vic!
    2) Vic’s daughter portends that her father has significant wealth of his own and doesn’t need Rena’s money….good for Victoria! She will inherit her father’s estate and she certainly should not expect an inheritance from a “step-mother” (or three other previous wealthy stepmothers for that matter) when her own father is famous and “wealthy” in his own right.
    3) Rena’s four children share equally in her estate and are allowed to visit their own mother as they wish.
    4) And, in a sign of good faith….Mr. Damone provides a verified net worth statement to completely satisfy the doubts of the Rowan daughters and back up his daughter’s claim that he simply loves Rena and is not interested at all in her fortune.


  13. Doris Enow says

    I met Vic Damone briefly in the 50’s in Germany while he was in uniform and in the US Army. He served his country at the time.
    Even though it was a brief encounter, I only can say I met a most humble , natural man , who had good manners, and never bragged about who he was. In fact we didn’t know that he was a well known entertainer. He was a wonderful human being. I am sorry he has so much problems. It doesn’t matter in my opinion how many times an entertainer has to get divorce and married again. The entertaiing business is a hard business. I am a retired RN and can tell you that nurses and police officers also have to endure more divorces because of the time they have to be apart or away from home. This doesn’t make this man bad. He is married to the woman that I am sure loves him and he loves her . Fifteen years of marriage prove that unconditionally…..He is her husband , wants to take care of his love…and who can the daughters , who by the way should encourage him and their mother to be happy and contribute for them to be happy. The mother has enough problems and doesn’t need that kind of infighting. Doris Enow Texas…

  14. Doris Enow says

    I also want to say , that Vic Damone is not just any crooner….He had a special voice that was as clear as not many singers have…
    Today we appreciate his kind of voice even more that ever before, because what comes today on the market is mostly second rate.
    Vic Damone is up there with Barbara Streisand and his songs will last for decades to come….Doris Enow, Texas

  15. SEAH KENNEDY says

    Vic Damone is the biggest con man in the world..thee of his wife’s committed suicide..The nigh before of one of his suppose entrainment friends wedding he was with his friends wife..He owed money to Vegas and the mob was after him.When he was engaged to a lovely Italian lady ,he cheated on her and the father later hung Vic out a New York window..He pulled the wool over many of his fans with his phoney charm like the snake he is!! Mr Lambiet,, your article is well taken and unfortunately he didn’t dig deeper.Damone had garbling debts all over from vegans to New York..Yet he tries to wear the cloth of a decent man!!