Dwyane Wade’s Divorce Costs Him $25,000-a-Month, PLUS!

Dwyane Wade in the playoffs 2013

Dwyane Wade, this week against the Milwaukee Bucks (USA Today Photo)

flag-exclusiveDespite Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade‘s best efforts to keep the details of his divorce hush-hush, some numbers popped up in court papers recently filed in Miami-Dade County.

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade

Siovaughn Funches-Wade (Special to Gossip Extra)

And it ain’t pretty.

Wade, 31, is paying ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade a whopping $25,000-a-month.

That’s in addition to her living and travel expenses, estimated at about $10,000-a-month.

Oh, yes. There was that little $1 million lump sum payment when the divorce became final last year.

And all of that is just a down payment!

Keep in mind that Wade has custody of their two young children, with some visitations for Funches-Wade.

The paperwork appeared in response to the ex-wife’s request to spend more time with her two boys.

But while the divorce is final, some issues are still being debated.

In Miami, it’s about the children.

In Wade and Funches-Wade’s native Chicago, it’s about the money.

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A trial is scheduled in the Windy City for early July to determine the distribution of marital assets.

The money that Wade already paid, and is still paying, is expected to be chump change compared to what he’ll have to pay, I’m told.

Evan Marks, Wade’s lawyer here, declined comment.

Funches-Wade is asking for half of everything Wade made between the time he was drafted by the Miami Heat until their divorce. He’s currently on a $107 million contract.

The ball player has been hooked up with actress Gabrielle Union since his split from Funches-Wade.

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  1. meek says

    And that’s the real reason she staying trashing his name. The kids are just an excuse for the money. He should pay her what she get then sue her for child support. I bet when this over she still gonna stay in the media looking nutty

  2. JustSayinYo says

    she deserves soooooooooo much more, he is a loser, he is an ugly duckling trying to destroy that beautiful swan, get his azz gurl!!! p.s gaby is just a mistress he aint wifying that he too busy getting digd down n da booty, he love toe nail polish he is gae

  3. Lamas a says

    If Wade has custody of the kids, why the hell is his ex-wife getting and asking for all that money. To me, she’s just being a gold digger because she knows that she ain’t nobody without him.

  4. David says

    That’s the deal with marriage. She should be entitled to half of what is earned from the date of marriage to the date of divorce. Not a dime before, not a dime after. Done. If she is going after money before the date of marriage or after the date of the divorce then she has gone too far. But she has a right to half of everything in between. She is asking for from the date of the ‘draft’. Were they married then? If not forget it.

    • lakawak says

      That is NOT the deal with marriage everywhere. Especially when the wife had absolutely NOTHING to do with the earning of the money. Not even indirectly, like supporting him when he was in college