Dwyane Wade’s Ex: Son’s Basketball Interferes With Family Time!

Dwyane Wade and sons Zaire and Zion

Miami Heater Dwyane Wade celebrated the team’s championship win last year with sons Zaire and Zion (AP Photo)

flag-exclusiveRight on time for the Miami Heat’s drive for its second consecutive championship, Dwyane Wade‘s legal battle with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade is heating up.

In a recent court filing in Miami-Dade County, Funches-Wade claims she is not getting the time with their two children that a court in the couple’s native Chicago decided she should have.

EXCLUSIVE: Dwyane Wade’s divorce costs him $25 G a month!

One reason, according to the case file here: Wade has their 11-year-old son Zaire play basketball on a travel league squad that performs in places like Detroit!

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“A parent’s right to see a child takes precedent over basketball,” said Boca Raton lawyer Lisa Macci, Funches-Wade’s attorney. “She traveled to Miami recently to see her children but was told when she got here that her older son was playing basketball in Detroit.

“If the mother had done that, the father would be screaming parental alienation.”

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade on Dr. Phil

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade on Dr. Phil earlier this year

Funches-Wade, Wade’s high school sweetheart, has visitation rights while the ball player has full custody. She is supposed to see Zaire and Zion every other weekend and on certain holidays.

Wade, meanwhile, was ordered to pay his ex-wife’s expenses to fly to Miami and stay for the weekend.

That, too, according to court records, has not been working as planned.

Funches-Wade claims the reimbursements haven’t been coming regularly.

The child-rearing part of the post-divorce proceedings was transferred to Florida in June after the shooting guard moved to have the Chicago judgment domesticated here.

The case was filed under a variation of Wade’s name to keep reporters at bay, I’m told.

Funches-Wade, however, has filed several motions since then, including the latest request to enforce the Chicago judgment.

Wade’s Miami lawyer didn’t return calls for comment.

The Wades have been duking it out in the courts for nearly three years. Last year, Funches-Wade was arrested in Chicago and charged with attempted kidnapping of the kids. The case was dropped.

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  1. meek says

    Everytime you turn here she is crying about something. On this one she knows het son loves badketball and wants to play and dwade lets him. She finds every excuse to come in the media to still make him look bad. For the ones that “feel her pain for doing all of that to herself”. If your main focus is to get ur kids back, but u stay in the media slandering their fathers name, you are going to look nutty and that’s exactly siovaugn main focus, not her boys. Go to his games and support your son no matter where it is at. She just want smone else to pave her way. I say keep on doing what she is doing cause she is helping him out. For her to be smart n trying to become a lawyer you would think she or her lawyer would know the right procedure. Whats wrong with her arm, wasn’t it in a sling last year. She needs to get herself together and get a JOB.

    • ARightTo says

      She had a right to complain, as it is she only gets to see her children twice a month so why can’t he make sure the children are available for her to see. I believe the only reason he took the children was because his girlfriend, G. Union is too old to have any. At 39, she doesn’t want to ruin her hollywood body. He’s an a$$hole in my opinion and I’m tired of everyone trying to make this woman look crazy for trying to do what GOD bless her to be, a mother.

  2. gethim says

    First of all, I am soooo glad to see that she has a lawyer that is about handling her business. I have been watching this case since the beginning. Meek, you are entitled to your opinion, but dwade handled his ex-wife, the mother of his children, the one who was with him when his own mama was a junkie and he was kicked to the curb by his family, the one whose own family made him feel like he belonged somewhere, the one who ate ramen noodles with when they were broke…THAT woman….he handled THAT woman…wrong!!! Primary custody? Terrible, he never proved that she was unfit. I honestly don’t believe that she thought he was going to take her kids from her. But he did. If you go back and read the court reports, the judge was biased and appeared star struck. And then on top of all of that, you go get a new woman (Gabby was not the first “jump-off”), who is famous in her own right and she is disrespecting the ex-wife in the press. Believing the hype dwade was spillin about his ex-wife. She was not represented well in the beginning. I felt like she never caught a break. I believe it was because she was somewhere hoping that things would change. But they didn’t. I want to see her blessed, redeemed, reunited with her children. At least joint custody. Meek, you think she needs a JOB?… you sound crazy!!! You don’t know anything about her. She is educated, She had a ministry, helping women, she is a minister. When the enemy came at her sooo hard, (which is what he does) it knocked her down. I pray she gets up, gets her children back, meets a wonderful man of God, fall in love again, make more babies and live well on the money that dwade made for their family, when they were a family!!!!!

    • Durant#3 says

      Just because they helped him when he was down and out doesn’t mean he has to stay with her. Things change and so does feelings. Her sons WANTS to play basketball. If she has a problem with that then talk to her son. You can’t possibly be upset because the kid wants to play basketball. Her kids were not TAKING from her she LOST them because she was crazy! She does need a job she’s relying on that 25k a MONTH she gets , he’s paid her back for what her and her family has done a long time ago. She bitter and upset he’s moved on , she disrespected Gab and Gab defended her self . In no way did she bad mouth her all she said was ” at some point you have to take responsibility for your actions which is true. Every time a man gets full custody of his kids doesn’t always mean it was something behind it. Bottom line is she can’t raise TWO MEN when she’s never been one!

      • Malishben says

        She just have to move on, and let they kids decide what they want to do with their life. Z need her suport n’t fighting with their dad. I’m happy for Dwyane Wade.

  3. cc says

    I hope one day they both find it in their heart to forgive each other for their wrongdoings. I see both sides of the situations but i don’t think they should go tit for tat with one another. Hopefully they will be able to co-parent one day and will both get joint custody. It is so heartbreaking to see them go back and forth in the media. People’s feelings do change over time but their is no point of them to keep arguing about the same thing. I hope Siovaughn can move on without being bitter and realize that people in your life for a reason or a season. I know it is very hard for a mother not to be with their children on a daily basis and probably is painful and a tough pill to swallow. I hope this situation makes her stronger and makes her realize you have to be careful of your actions because you never know how your actions will affect you.