Dennis Rodman Disses Navy Color Guard!

Rodman at polo in Wellington

Dennis Rodman, middle, sports a Malcolm X hat and his Sunday best Sunday at International Polo Club Palm Beach (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-exclusiveRetired basketball star Dennis Rodman, who’s been making news for his friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, was accused of dissing three U.S. Navy servicemen yesterday in Wellington.

The Worm was at the finals of the U.S. Open polo championship at International Polo Club Palm Beach yesterday afternoon when he REFUSED to pose with the three young men in their white uniforms.

The three sailors, described as being in their late teens and early 20s (below), were at the polo grounds to present the colors before the match.

“These kids were pretty excited about Rodman being there,” said a spywitness. “They went up to him and he just walked away when they asked for a photo. He didn’t even say ‘hi’ to them or anything. He just kept walking.”

Said one of the servicemen: “He blew us off!”

The icing on the cake: Rodman wore a Ralph Lauren shirt that read “Team USA.”

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Rodman’s move came at a bad time. The event was awash in patriot fervor yesterday, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Country star Lee Greenwood sang God Bless The U.S.A. as red-white-and-blue cars were lined up near the field.

“There were quite a few people who were unhappy that Rodman was there,” said the spywitness. “His stance on North Korea has been rubbing people the wrong way.”

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A spokeswoman for the polo club said Rodman, who lives in Aventura, showed up on his own without having been invited as a VIP guest like Greenwood, retired NFL star Warren Sapp and Latin actor Antonio Sabato Jr.

Rodman told Gossip Extra at the yearly charity function organized by The Real Housewives of Miami‘s Lea Black last week that he is planning to return to North Korea Aug. 1.

Rodman couldn’t be reached for comment.

Two of the three sailors dissed by Dennis Rodman

Two of the three U.S. Navy sailors dissed by Dennis Rodman yesterday in Wellington did find solace with a fan! (Special to Gossip Extra)

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  1. NL P says

    The sacrifices these military personnel make and that SOB Rodman can’t pose for a picture!!! Rot in hell Dennis “WACKO” Rodman!!!!!

    • shawn says

      the reason he didn’t because he hates us military and what they are doing to china, russia, north korea.

  2. Toni says

    If Rodman is so happy visiting North Korea he should have no problem giving up his citizenship in the U.S.A. and move their permanently in support of his new best friend North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. In a few short weeks he would be begging to come back to the U.S.A. and then we could just tell him to get in line with the millions who want to enter this country.

  3. Bill says

    That is completely A false story I was there and watched Dennis take a picture with the 3 servicemen. As well as the president of the polo club. He was a guest. Check your facts.