Dennis Rodman: “I’m Going Back to North Korea!”

Elaine Lancaster and Dennis Rodman

“Political consultant” Dennis Rodman was drag queen Elaine Lancaster at last night’s charity gala (Click on the Michele Eve photo for the full gallery)

flag-exclusiveNBA legend Dennis Rodman is going back to North Korea!

The Worm materialized at a charity gala tonight in Miami Beach, and announced he is heading back to impoverished nation whose supreme leader is threatening a nuclear holocaust.

“I’m going back August 1,” the former rebound getter told Gossip Extra exclusively. “We have no plans really, as far as what we’re going to do over there, but we’ll just hang and have some fun!”

“We,” by the way, meant Rodman and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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The former ball player returned last month from a first visit to North Korea, where he met with the strongman several times.

When asked about Un’s escalating war rhetoric, Rodman said the Soviets’ rhetoric was worse in the 1950s and 1960s.

Click here for Mike Jachles’ photos of the gala

“The Russians were way out there, and they were acting on their threats,” Rodman said. “He (Un) just wants to be loved. He just wants to sit down and talk. That’s all.”

Rodman added he still hopes to meet with Pres. Barack Obama before his departure, although he realizes it’s unlikely.

More than 700 guests, meanwhile, attended the yearly fundraising fiesta at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. It was organized by criminal defense attorney Roy Black and his wife Lea, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Miami.

Roy Black introduced Rodman to the guests as “the U. S. ambassador to North Korea.”

“The good thing about Dennis being here is that it makes us pretty sure this city will not be bombed by North Korea tonight,” Roy Black said.

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  1. Chris says

    It’s a sad day when Rodman could be a potential spokesman for the U.S. But if it works, f@&k it!!

  2. Jill says

    Asshole !! Don’t u know that North Korea hate us !!!! Do u really think that u are helping?!!!!

    • Russell Dee says

      No sir it is NOT Dennis Rodman who is the idiot. It is YOU who is the idiot. Dennis Rodman is trying to teach Mr. Kim that he can get along with America instead of having a war with America but you are too stupid to figure that out.

    • Michael Miles says

      Man don’t you know a setup when you see it.
      USA is the bad one here. Obama wants WW3 to happen and is doing everything in his power to make it happen.
      All part of the NWO plan of world domination

      • Boba says

        A nation in which if you have an opinion that differs from the governments, you are killed.

        A nation that admits to agreeing with the Nuremberg rallies that Hitler ran in Nazi Germany and is making propaganda video on Nuke’ing the west, and you think we are in the wrong!!

        I think you need to wrap more tin foil around your head as it seems like the signals are making it through and getting to you!

  3. Bdubbs says

    Rodman is just like that idiot in N.K. = Look at me! I want attention that I don’t deserve. Another Liberal Loser.

    • says

      Olliander, You are so very correct. Most of the false propaganda is coming from the U.S., South Korea and Japan. The west is so very stubborn to defame North Korea’s system.

    • Delmonico ribeye, please. Medium well. says

      That’s right Olliander, like the parts about an impoverished Communist nation that constructed skyscrapers in Pyongyang…….. that are as vacant as their kitchens.

      Oh yes…….. people in a utopian & benevolent nation dying of starvation, because of abject poverty. However, rest assured that Rodman is fed well when he’s there.

      But everybody knows their army can goose-step perfectly and are lying about nuclear warheads…… which cost scads of money.

  4. Sam says

    Rodman seems happy. The old adage certainly pertains to rod man- Ignorance really is bliss!

  5. maggiemay says

    Check out Lea Black. How much more skin can they pull back. Can she even close her eyes. And that dress, she looks like one of those fish who eat all of the other fish. As for Rodman, if this is the best that Lea Black can produce for star power she needs to retire. She looks like hell! And, her husband is really looking old. Talk about two washed up has beens still trying to scratch their way to the top. Wonder what is at the top that would make these two people make such fools of themselves.

    • Sportsman says

      Hiya Maggie.
      Man oh man, break out the antibiotics, bleach the floors, bleach the walls(!), burn the rags & impose a quarantine {BIOHAZARD ALERT}……. Did you ever think she could scrape the bottom of the barrel in this fashion? Next year she’ll recruit celebs from the Exxxotica Expo Porn Convention.

  6. Tony says

    BS this is an exclusive. Rodman announced this on Howard Stern at least a month ago. Old news. Snore.

  7. Fred Gioepfert says

    If Rodman wants to have “fun” in N. Korea, he should spend some time as an inmate in one of the concentration camps. Or, perhaps he can watch one of the children starving to death on the streets. Rodman is not ignorant. He knows what evil is.
    Now we know that he is a supporter of evil and one who practices it.
    He is a threat to human existence and should be defended against.

  8. Shawn says

    Reading this article? A little sketchy. Arguing about which is worse, Liberal or Conservative Americans in the comments section? Yes, you are an idiot.