CBS 4 Anchor Shannon Hori Facing Foreclosure!

Shannon Hori and husband Kendall Cogan

CBS 4 anchorwoman Shannon Hori and her husband, Kendall Cogan, are facing foreclosure. “The foreclosure problem cuts across the economic spectrum,” says their lawyer (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-exclusiveThink foreclosure is for out-of-work schleppers who bought houses they couldn’t afford?

Think again!

Shannon Hori's house

In foreclosure: CBS 4 anchorwoman Shannon Hori’s home

WFOR-Channel 4 anchorwoman Shannon Hori and her husband, commercial real estate agent Kendall Cogan, are fighting a bank’s attempt to take their Coral Gables homestead!

“We’re working diligently to get the bank to work with us,” said the couple’s lawyer, Bruce Jacobs. “But the bank has made no effort for a settlement.”

The battle is over a $738,400-mortgage that the couple signed in 2007 in order to buy a $923,000-home in the Granada section of the Gables.

Sound pretty reasonable for a TV personality and Cogan, who at the time ran nine restaurants on Florida’s west coast.

Two years later, however, the couple fell behind the mortgage payments as it became saddled with high medical bills to treat the heart illness of one of their twin newborns. And Cogan’s restaurants went belly up.

By 2009, mortgage bankers Aurora Loan Services started the foreclosure proceedings.

“We made our decision to buy the house at a time when my restaurants were doing well,” Cogan told Gossip Extra. “That changed. The baby was born with a congenital heart defect. Everything changed.”

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  1. M. Edward Triefler says

    This is absolutely heart breaking, there is no reason, in the richest Country in the World for people to be placed in a position where medical care of children, the elderly, or for that matter, anyone should be put in financial jeopardy. For all the anti-choice people, I believe there efforts should be channeled towards preventing anyone from having to go into debt because our health care system has been broken. I suspect that if the Obamacare legislation had been implemented sooner or if we had a Single Payer System, which in reality would be the best overall choice, the debt would have been either reduced or eliminated. Not knowing the private details regarding the child’s illness or the finances of Shannon Hori and her husband, Kendall Cogan, I’m dismayed that CBS TV channel 4 in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale has not stepped up to the plate an supported one of, if not, it’s best News Anchor. Additionally, based on “gossip” reporting and I truly hope this is proven wrong that Weekend Anchor Cynthia Demos is circling like a vulture preparing to pounce if Shannon Hori is “dumped” by CBS. Personally, I changed my evening news viewing solely on the excellent reporting or presenting by Shannon Hori. Shannon, who I’ve never met, has a deep and moving family history, which as a Jew I can relate too. In March of 1942, after the attract on Pearl Harbor, which was tragically the beginning of our involvement in WWII, all Japanize regardless of citizenship, were moved to “Internment Camps.” Her parents, grandparents and relatives, who are Japanize but became naturalized U.S. Citizens, were uprooted from their homes in California where their property and business were confiscated, in one of this Countries darkest hour, over 120,000 Japanize-Americans were place in barbed wire “Camps.” The “Camps” were finally closed in the beginning of 1946; more than six months after the Japanize had surrendered, ending the war. As reported in the news Mr. Cogan, was a successful restaurant operator, who as so many others, was devastated by the crash of 2007, now he’s being foreclosed on by the same institution’s that, through their own greed and mismanagement caused the crash of 2007-08, and ironically the same institutions that were balled out by the U.S. taxpayers. To add insult to injury the largest balled out banks not only survived on the taxpayer’s dime but also profited. How could you not profit when your Credit Cards carry interest rates of between 18% to 29% and the money you lend you borrowed from the Federal Reserve at less than 1%. How can the public allow the Financial Industry to pay Millions and even Billions of dollars to their executives, hold Trillions of Dollars of un-taxed money offshore, while hard working people like Mr. Cogan and Shannon Hori are raked over the coals? Finally, how many financial big shots have been convicted or better yet how many have even been indicted? CBS man up and support Shannon Hori!

    • Deskboy says

      Who are the Japanize? and what if the village chief obama tells the baby to take an aspirian and go home? Then what you ramblin’ run-on dum bass

    • says

      The reason things like this can happen is because American people are mainly interested in things that do not directly affect their lives. They, in majority, care about celebrity news, sports scores, the latest hand held device, or movie based on a cartoon character. They care not that the two major parties are equally corrupt, and pass legislation beneficial to the wealthiest and care nothing for the the lives of average Americans…..and never will. They are ignorant of the superior health care of all countries that have single payer healthcare.