EDITORIAL: Don’t Even Think About Bribing Gossip Extra!

A Boston-based digital marketing consultant offered Gossip Extra to buy $2,000 worth of advertising space the other day.

What he wanted advertised is unclear, but this was: 829 StudiosPeter Ross warned there would be a catch.

“You’d have to delete a story from your site,” he said.

What story? Click here to read it

The news item targeted was about how Palm Beach part-timer and New York City developer John Wallerstein was caught on a police cruiser’s dashboard cam trying to weasel his way out of a serious speeding ticket that Palm Beach Police Officer William Eaton wrote him.

Check out this video:

Why was the story relevant then, and still is?

Early last year, Eaton was accused of writing too many tickets to motorists who live in the town. He was fired for allegedly stepping up his ticketing efforts to retaliate against cuts to police pensions.

As his case meandered through an administrative review, and sparked questions about whether Palm Beach police should ticket the island’s wealthy residents, Gossip Extra obtained several videos culled from the dashboard cam of Eaton’s squad car.

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They showed a little bit of what cops in the town have to deal with when it comes to writing up residents.

One of those tapes starred the Ferrari-driving richie rich Wallerstein, 60, whom Eaton clocked going through Palm Beach at 83 mph in a 30 mph zone on the busy Royal Poinciana Way.

Our digital consultant Ross, who admitted to working for Wallerstein, mistook Gossip Extra for another media organization that uses nice newsprint.

Here at Gossip Extra, we will never, ever, ever accept money in exchange for the deletion of a story.

And implying that we would is not only insulting to this site, its staff and its 300,000-plus regular readers — it’s also insulting to the dozens of legitimate advertisers who pay good money to have their product promoted on Gossip Extra.

Needless to say, we declined Ross’ offer in no uncertain terms.

Wallerstein, who lives on Breakers Row, could not be contacted for comment.

His speeding ticket? It was dismissed in July because the fired Eaton didn’t show.

When contacted for comment about this editorial, neither Ross nor his partners at 829 Studios returned calls.

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  1. Gene S. says

    Good for you, Jose! Too many people these days think they can use their power and influence to get what they want and to make those not as fortunate do whatever they want to do. Thank god we still have at least one member of the media with ethics and a backbone.

    I cannot think of another news agency in Palm Beach County that has been fair and impartial, especially when it comes to various corrupt, power-drunk politicians, like Sheriff Bradshaw. Jose, would you be interested in running for an elected position here? I would vote for you without any hesitation.

  2. Gene S. says

    By the way, John Wallerstein should have been arrested on the spot for the way he was driving, then trying to evade the officer in this video and then the way he took off like he was above the law. I’m guessing if they offered you $2k to make this go away, what do you think they gave to the Chief of Police to fire the officer so he couldn’t appear in court and testify on the ticket?

  3. TIDE ferrari racing says

    Jose don’t be mad. The dude just got you confused with Shanny Donnely. TIDE

  4. Toni says

    I hope the cop, Eaton, sues the Town of Palm Beach for his inappropriate firing and wins millions from them! What are the cops in Palm Beach supposed to do, look the other way? And who foots the bill when one of these millionaires kills someone going 83 mph in a 30 mph zone?

  5. Mannix says

    83 mph in a 30 mph zone is a good way to kill any man, woman or child… possibly mine.

    The charge was dropped, it would have stayed buried deep enough to require some digging; so now it is re-upped on Gossipextra.com, for all to see again.
    Wallerstein and Ross shot themselves in the arse.

    Kudos Jose- freedom of the press brutha.

  6. Paul Church says

    Jose: See if any of your collegues in the national media would like to pick this story up.