Steve Jobs’ Superyacht Glides Into Palm Beach

Steve Jobs' ship Venus

Steve Jobs’ Venus on the Intracoastal, near Palm Beach (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-OMGThe 256-foot-long yacht ordered by Apple founder Steve Jobs before he died in 2011 glided into the Intracoastal this week, and docked at the Rybovich Marina in West Palm Beach.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and his iPhone (Special to Gossip Extra)

A Gossip Extra reader sent this photo of the $140 million-behemoth, a cross between a 100-year-old riverboat and modern James Bond villain lair, as it passed the northern tip of Palm Beach Monday.

Supergeek Jobs never got to see the light-weight all-aluminum ship, Venus. It was only released from its Amsterdam boatyard in December, months after Jobs passed away of cancer.

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Venus, which has 10-foot windows on the main deck, was the object of a dispute between Jobs’ heirs and the builders, who briefly impounded it in December.

Most of the ship’s functions and navigation are controlled by seven iMacs.

A port source said the ship has been cruising the Caribbean but is supposed to relocate on the California coast over the summer.

Steve Jobs' Venus

Steve Jobs’ 256-foot yacht Venus (Courtesy

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  1. Hobe Sound guy says

    I have a picture that I took January 26th of the yacht sitting in that boatyard, just a day or so after there was an article in the Post that it had been spotted in town. What’s new about this?

  2. TIDE ferrari racing says

    JOBES scammed Wall Street and tried to screw the boat yard! Ugly, tacky, yacht made the Street think he was going to live longer as not to damage the Apple stock. TIDE ferrari racing,palm beach,tom davis.

    • Donald Perreault says

      What is JOBES? Do you mean Jobs as in Steve Jobs? Your comments are ludacrist. Steve Jobs lived his life to the fullest and for you to imply he built this yacht to fool the stock holders into believing he was healthy, then I’m sorry you are a complete idiot.

      Steve Jobs had nothing to prove. Steve brought Apple back from the brink of bankruptcy to one of the most profitable and respected companies in the world. His vision, innovation, dedication and passion helped Apple Computer engineer and develop some of the finest electronics and technologies available today. Steve Jobs and Apple Computer revolutionized the computer industry.

      What the hell does a yacht have to prove?

      • Spyintesky says

        He’s just a moron indulging in thinly disguised self promotion of his own business through some barely legible and provocative trash talk, not worth wasting the time of day with in all honesty.

        • dennylinger says

          Oh really?? Have you read the biography of Steve Jobs then? Huh…Thats not who Steve Jobs was buddy. Steve Jobs had a $1.00 year summary. And you’re saying he was a moron indulging in self promotion. He wanted and lived a simple life, nothing too extravagant. He learned his “non materialistic” ways of life from studying Buddhism. He himself had followed those same paths. Living a minimal, simple life. Not surrounding himself with materialistic items. He wanted this ship so that he could get away from all of life’s dealings, and be in a state of quietness. You sir, have no respect for others, you do not know what you’re talking about. I suggest to you that you understand and research before you make such immature and unrealistic accusations buddy. Seriously. Steve Jobs was a brilliant person. Who had a wonderful taste in design, marketing, business and innovation. Again, you need to be an informed person; especially when you make such nasty and defaming comments about one of the industries greatest minds and innovators. Good Day.

  3. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    lolz at Tom…yeah his companies stock trades at what $600 or so..I dont think he needs to pull a ploy to keep the stock price up. All the rabid apple fanbois do that just fine.

    The thing is ugly as hell but I do like the row of iMacs on the flybridge..

    I am more of a Broward man myself.