FAU’s Stomp on Jesus Student: Arrests Scared me Straight!

Ryan Rotela

Ryan Rotela: Two drug arrests in four days changed his life! (via Facebook)

flag-exclusiveThe Florida Atlantic University student who claims he was reprimanded because he refused to step on paper with the word Jesus written on it says his two drug arrests in four days changed his life!

It’s another Gossip Extra scoop: Ryan Rotela, 22, tells me in an exclusive interview that two drug arrests in Broward County in 2009 made him strive for redemption!

Ryan Rotela

Ryan Rotela’s 2009 booking photo after an arrest in Broward County on felony possession of meth! (Courtesy BSO)

“I knew my past was going to be brought up,” says Rotela, whose objection to an exercise in communication class last month made him a new hero of the religious right. “But I was ready for it.”

Rotela was arrested by cops in Margate and Coral Springs within four days in August 2009, both times on drug charges involving pot and methamphetamines. In time, the charges were dropped because the evidence to get him convicted were insufficient.

Rotela won’t say whether the drugs recovered by the two police departments were his, only saying: “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.”

But Rotela adds that his two stays in a county slammer on the same week made him think, and find religion.

“I started striving to find redemption,” Rotela said.

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  1. Mannix says

    I’ll take his word for it Jose… 2 arrests 2 days apart would jolt any young man.
    As far as him protesting that assinine assignment by Rodeo Clown Deandre Poole, he had every right to… AND it took courage. The international attention this case drew brought public opinion unmistakably on Rotela’s side.

    Keep going forward Ryan !

  2. Helen says

    Giving this guy publicity is a waste of webspace. This guy doesn’t deserve to be in college where he couldn’t understand intelligent thought and ideas. No one asked him to stomp on anything. That was just something that was created by the media. This guy has had his 15 minutes, now go get a job at Jiffy Lube because college is definitely not in the cards for this kid.