Casey Anthony is About to be an Aunt!

Lee Anthony

Lee Anthony, testifying in Casey’s trial in 2011 (AP Photo)

flag-breaking-newsChild murder suspect Casey Anthony is going to be an aunt!

Her brother Lee is about to become a father, and his wife’s mother let the cat out of the bag on Facebook!

Lee and his new wife Mallory Parker are expecting a boy due in August, according to a source. They got married a year ago.

““Want to share with the world that my amazing daughter and her hubby are gracing this family with a boy!!” Parker’s mother, Dianne Mazorek, posted on Tuesday (below).

It’s unclear whether Casey has much of a relationship with Lee.

Her defense team, after all, claimed she was sexually abused by Lee as a younger woman.

Casey Anthony (below) was found not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee after a trial in Orlando in 2011.

Casey Anthony in bankruptcy court

Casey Anthony arrives in bankruptcy court last month in Tampa (Splash News)

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    • Mannix says

      My exact thought ‘eva’, I doubt it.
      Something tells me everything in her existence is permanently damaged… she’ll sense it when she is around the little one, she will feel Malory & Lee’s eyes.

  1. sal says

    who cares. when the child goes missing then there is concern….too bad granny, the WORLD doesn’t care