Tiger Woods Stole Lindsey Vonn From Kim Kardashian’s Husband!

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn released this photo of the two of them together last week (via Facebook)

flag-breaking-newsBefore Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn went public with their romance, Woods had to pry the Olympic skier from the arms of Brooklyn Nets basketball star Kris Humphries!

Kris Humphries in Miami Beach

Kris Humphries, in Miami Beach recently (Photo by Mike Jachles)

Who dat?

That’s the man who’s still married to pregnant Kim Kardashian. Their divorce is not going so well.

Six degrees anyone?

“Woods wasn’t Vonn’s only suitor,” a source tells Us Weekly reports in its new issue. “Bachelor no. 2 was none other than Kim Kardashian’s ex.”

Vonn eventually left the NBA forward for world No. 1 golfer Woods after a few dates!

As the celebrity weekly suggests, Vonn and Humphries are both from Minnesota and have lots in common.

But Vonn was so attracted to Woods, according to the supermarket glossy, that she just had to have him.

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Vonn is no Mother Teresa, mind you.

She was unhappily married to her former coach Thomas Vonn when she met Woods last April.

“Tiger and Lindsey also have a lot in common,”  a source told Us about the two high profile jocks. “They immediately clicked.”

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  1. CarmenB says

    I read that Lindsey Vonn is a famewhore who has been looking for an athlete to hook up with! First she tried Tebow, then Humphries but the best and most lucrative offer/ deal seems to have come from Tiger!!! Who said that money and fame can’t buy you love/lust! Tiger likes experienced women and Lindsey seems to have plenty of experience! Tiger and Lindsey, two shameless and immoral individuals who seems willing to do anything for fame and money! Truly pathetic!

    • TIDE ferrari racing, palm beach, tom davis. says

      Terrific, Lindsey just wants to try and change her luck. She had a couple of her big crack ups last season, skiing as well!!! TIDE ferrari racing. Please help save the MIAMI Marine Stadium and old palm beach.