Jennifer Capriati Charged With Stalking, Battery

Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati, at her recent induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-exclusiveJennifer Capriati, the oft-troubled former No. 1 women’s tennis player in the world, has been charged with battery and stalking by Palm Beach County authorities.

Capriati, 36, faces up to one year in prison on each of the two misdemeanors!

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FSU golfer Ivan Brannan

Former FSU golfer Ivan Brannan (Courtesy FSU)

Former Singer Island resident Capriati, however, will likely be spared a perp walk and an embarrassing booking photo: She is being notified of the charges by mail and won’t be arrested unless she fails to show up in court.

MasterChef star to Jennifer Capriati’s rescue

According to records, the three-time finalist of the Sony Open is scheduled to appear before a judge for an arraignment on April 17.

Gossip Extra broke the news two weeks ago: Police in North Palm Beach were seeking a warrant to arrest Capriati, who was accused of pushing and hitting an on-again, off-again boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

According to police files, former Florida State University golfer Ivan Brannan called 911 after Capriati allegedly confronted him about their relationship at the Oxygen Health and Fitness Gym in NPB.

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Witnesses saw her allegedly hit the 28-year-old Brannan on the chest near the men’s locker room.

The lovebirds have a long trail of official papers that document a troubled relationship. Last year, Brannan unsuccessfully tried to obtain a restraining order against Capriati. He alleged that she once called him over 100 times in one day!

Meanwhile, a former contestant of the FOX’s Gordon Ramsay show MasterChef came forward to report that Brannan also claimed she stalked him several years ago.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Spokesman Mike Edmondson, meanwhile, said Capriati wasn’t arrested because she’s not a flight risk and has roots in the community.

“Usually, felony suspects are the ones who get arrested,” Edmondson said.

Neither Capriati nor her attorney returned calls for comment.

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  1. Hey Jennifer, call Jerry Springer- says

    Now imagine if you will, some guy angrily pushing & poking the chest of a woman in public… he’d get arrested quicker than you could say; “P.B. County Stockade on Gun Club rd… visitors entrance to the rear”.

    I believed until today, that a woman assailant was shielded by some kind of criminal/penal shadow. Maybe the NPBPD and the State Atty’s office have finally recognized that aggression is far from gender specific… and God bless; it’s about time. There’s a lot of Baker Act’s out there with hourglass bods.

    Jose, Gordon Ramsey saw Brannan getting stalked(?), or Capriati stalked Gordon Ramsey? Are you sure? {truth is stranger than fiction}