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Scott Prouty Escapes Charges in Mitt Romney 47% Video


Scott Prouty Escapes Charges in Mitt Romney 47% Video

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Bartender Scott Prouty will not be prosecuted for secretly taping ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney last fall in a Boca Raton home

flag-exclusiveThe fear of getting arrested for breaking wiretapping laws was one reason why Hollywood, Fla. bartender Scott Prouty remained anonymous when he leaked his footage of Mitt Romney’s dissing 47 percent of voters last fall.

But then Prouty outed himself on MSNBC this week, telling host Ed Schultz: “I was behind this whole thing!”

Self-incrimination, anyone? Can he get arrested?

Nope — Prouty is safe!

Click here to read about Prouty’s IRS problems

Prouty won’t be prosecuted for secretly filming Romney — in a private home in mostly Democrat Boca Raton — as he bartended for the $50,000-per GOP supporters at the dinner.

Why not?

“No victim has come forward,” said Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Eric Davis.

“For the law to be broken, the person being taped must have a reasonable expectation of privacy,” said Mike Edmondson, spokesman for the Palm Beach County State Attorney.  “Arguably, if you’re in a room full of people during a political campaign, there might be very little privacy.”

In post-campaign interviews, Romney himself admitted that the video of him telling supporters that he gave up on 47 percent of voters because they are government freeloaders cost him the election.


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