Casey Anthony Knocked up?

Casey Anthony appears for a bankruptcy meeting at a Tampa courthouse in March 2013 (Splash News)

Casey Anthony arrives for a bankruptcy meeting at a Tampa courthouse in March 2013 (Splash News)

flag-breaking-newsSuspected child killer Casey Anthony is allegedly squawking about being pregnant with the child of a “rich friend!”

The Boca Raton-based National Enquirer makes the claim in its edition scheduled to hit Florida supermarket stands over the weekend.

Anthony virtually has been in hiding since she was acquitted nearly two years ago of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee but was repeatedly spotted in the areas of West Palm Beach and Stuart.

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The 26-year-old appeared in public for the first time last week at a bankruptcy court meeting in Tampa. She did not seem to be with child. Anthony declared bankruptcy because she owes about $800,000 to her lawyers.

“She just said that she fell in love with a very wealthy man while she’s been in hiding,” the Enquirer claims a friend of Casey’s told its reporters. “Casey said he’s taking care of her financially and he’s so obsessed with her that he’ll do anything for her.”

The tabloid doesn’t name the potential baby daddy — and there are too many rich guys in South Florida to speculate.

One of the revelations at her trial was that Anthony was impregnated when, at age 18, she passed out at a party and discovered weeks later that she was expecting Caylee.

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  1. LI_Mom says

    I wish she was knocked out.

    And had her mouth & nose surrounded by duct tape & was left in trash bags in some swamp.

    • Pat says

      She was found innocent by a jury. Let her get on with her life. I wish that I could be a support to her directly.

  2. Lou and Amanda says

    People in south Florida have the combined morals of racoons (i.e., their thiefs), weasels (their sneeky and deceitful) and horn dogs (i.e., they will screw anything on legs – two or four – in a heartbeat). Moreover, south Florida is the fraud capital of the world. It’s a wicked, disgusting, cesspool of iniquity and corruption. (definition of cesspool = an underground reservoir for sewage) It’s only natural that Casey Anthony end up there.

    • Jose Lambiet says


      Since I assume you’re writing from way the heck up north, I’ve got four words for you: 75 degrees and sunny!

      Come on down!

  3. Razzy says

    I feel so sorry for this baby, if true. His/her life on this earth will definitely be a short one. OTOH, I have a hard time believing this story, it is the National Enquirer. I could see the CONVICTED FELON, SKANK, NARCISSISTIC, SWAMP SCUM, BABY KILLER, CASEY ANTHONY wanting to get her claws into a rich guy. She doesn’t want to work and all she cares about is herself and $$$. If this so called rich guy would do anything for her, he is as sick as she is. Why didn’t he pay her debt, if he will do anything for her. Of course the main reason she filed for bankruptcy was so her civil suits will go away. I wonder if the BABY KILLER & her ppl didn’t start this rumor herself for $$$. The National Enquirer could have paid her for this BS. Very sad that you can murder someone, in this case her 2 year old toddler, and then benefit financially for the horrendous deed. Remember to boycott all things Anthony and Anthony related. Don’t let the MOMSTER, her PERJURIST mommy SINdy, SINdy’s lapdog hubby Georgette Marie, or her brother laughing boy Lee benefit $$$ from the murder. Don’t let her scummy lawyers, Bozo Baez, Mumbles Mason, or any other lawyer connected to her make money off the murder of a 2 year old. Caylee will never experience her 1st boy crush, 1st date, 1st prom, wedding, being a mother and wife, all thanks to the POS mother she had.

  4. Mannix says

    A wealthy old man, 70ish, is stocked up on Viagra and is boinkin’ her.
    That’s my guess.

    As far Casey being in love, well yeah.. she’s in love with getting prego to have a permanent solution to her money problems. Smelly bttch.