IRS to Scott Prouty: Now Pay Your Taxes!

Mitt and Ann Romney in Port St. Lucie

Candidate Mitt Romney and wife Ann last year in Port Saint Lucie (Splash News)

flag-exclusiveScott Prouty, the Hollywood, Fla., bartender who outed himself as the man who secretly filmed then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney dissing 47 percent of voters, changed history — but he can’t change tax laws!

Scott Prouty on MSNBC

Scott Prouty, last night on MSNBC

Gossip Extra has discovered that Prouty, who came out on MSNBC’s The Ed Show last night, owes the Internal Revenue Service a sizable tax bill — sizable for a catering company barkeep.

UPDATE: Authorities will not prosecute Prouty

The IRS slapped a tax lien on Prouty for unpaid income taxes in 2006, according to records, for a total $15,396.42! (see below)

Prouty has yet to settle the 7-year-old debt, according to Broward County archives.

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Back in October, Prouty was working at a $50,000 Romney fundraiser at the Boca Raton mansion of hedge fund manager Marc Leder when he turned on his camera while the candidate spoke.

The footage of Romney describing 47 percent of Americans as government freeloaders was partly credited, or blamed, for President Barack Obama‘s reelection.

Scott Prouty's tax bill

IRS to 47% videographer: Time to pay your taxes!

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  1. Toni Anderson says

    Who cares about his IRS tax bill, he still did our country a great service by posting Mitt Romney’s true thoughts about 47% of this country. Romney is an elitist and part of the very top 1%. He despises the poor and the middle class to him we were all just pawns and hence his true thoughts about the American people when he thought he was only speaking to “his” people.

    • iralarry says

      I care! I pay my taxes! It seems a bit hypocritical for him to reveal Romney’s true assessment of the American people and be thus be perceived as one of them. I don’t think Ed Shultz asked anything about his taxes and I think that is an attempt to keep him credible. It only makes what Romney said seem somewhat plausible or at the very least not entirely unreasonable. Sad.

      • Eric says

        And Romney’s RHAPSODIZING about Chinese PRISON SWEATSHOPS?

        That ALONE makes him look like arriveste TRASH.

        Scott Prouty IS credible. Like HO-ZAY said…don’t blame SCOTT….he’s just the MESSENGER.

    • Morbius says

      Toni, we have a shortage of lampreys here in the Great Lakes. Any chance you can come here and fill that gap? You sound like a blood sucking parasite.

      • Eric says

        And YOU sound like an ignorant piece of trailer-rash trying DESPERATELY to be witty. Maybe if you laid off the white-lightnin’ you MIGHT make something approaching sense.

        • Hurley says

          He can’t make cents. Mittens outsourced his job to a Chinese prison camp where the workers are only paid in pittances. Watch the video before making demands that make no sense!

    • upyours says

      I’m glad somebody had the balls to expose the real romney. When you talk about a deadbeat or not paying taxes, you need look no further than romney. The biggest thieves are at the top not the bottom. romney makes ~57k a day, much of which comes from shipping American jobs overseas. So, all you repubs who foolishly think everybody’s living off of your work, don’t worry, romney’s got a chinese replacement for you too. LOL!

    • Walt says

      We all have to wonder how much government support YOU garner a month. A true Obama supporter. However Romney was characterized for the comment, no one refuted it, because he was right – the drain on the government treasury re-elected the socialist giver Obama.

      • Eric says

        “RE-ELECTED” is the operative phrase there.

        You people do us “socialists” no end of GOOD by running your FAT IGNORANT YAPS and believing your own garbage.

    • Uncle Mitt says

      Mitt doesn’t care about the poor and middle class? Than his charitable work and donations are a front? You dimwits deserve the country you got with obama in the White House.

      • Hurley says

        His charitable donations are to his nonprofit “cult.” Oh, I’m sorry, i forgot: you cross-hugging types are now admitting that at least one religion that is “not yours” exists now. Just not mine.

        DOMA violates 1st amendment, yo!

  2. LTB says

    Maybe he could afford to pay taxes if he were taxed at the rock-bottom rates that Romney enjoys.

  3. TexasRanger says

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks Romney was a bad guy because he was successful… at least he did something!!! And he was speaking to “his base” at a private fund raiser. Kinda like your guy breaks into an ebonic laiden speach (on command, by design – not his real voice) to “his base” to get them riled up… I’m ready to get thru this divisive era of American history.

    • iralarry says

      You really don’t understand how becoming obscenely wealthy at the expense to thousand of American jobs is so bad? He never produced anything other than money. The Feds have that one down pat.

  4. Andrew says

    The man is a true American hero. A normal American who did what JFK asked of us all, to ask what WE could do for America.

    Nobody will take that away.

    You’ll have to try harder than some stupid IRS garbage.

    What has Jose Lambiet done for America?

    Obviously NOTHING.

        • Balance the checkbook says

          “What has Jose Lambiet done for America?” from somebody who thinks he’s an authority on the matter?
          Cut the crap Andrew. Go somewhere else if you don’t like the conversation on this thread.
          As far as JFK’s qoute, he was talking about people who have their hands out. You?

        • Jose Lambiet says

          Sorry Andrew, I have no time for those who don’t pay their taxes. If someone has a lien for $15,000, that means he made at least $45,000. Because he doesn’t pay his taxes, yours are higher.

          • Morbius says

            Jose, it has been a pleasure to peruse your column here and I’m sure my comments will be reviewed and discarded accordingly as scientists of old were censured for not beleiving in the flat earth. You may be the messenger, but I’ll bet Jim Jone’s messengers had to drink the Kool-aid along with the rest of the lemmings at Jonestown.

            As to the rest of the Marxists on your web-site. I hope to see them on the battlefield, assuming they have the courage to emerge from Mom’s basement.


            Your enemy

          • Amodeus says

            Morbius, Your name says it all. Look everyone Morbius “The living Vampire” hates the light, just like anyone who strips away the darkness to show something for what it is. I have observed, studied and found that there are two types of Democrats. Those who depend on others to get through life, and the other type makes their living making sure they stay that way.

          • Eric says

            Jose Lambiet–
            Sorry Andrew, I have no time for those who don’t pay their taxes. If someone has a lien for $15,000, that means he made at least $45,000. Because he doesn’t pay his taxes, yours are higher.

            But you DO have the time to GROT ABOUT into the life of somebody you don’t know for the purpose of finding that he owes taxes that amount to about HALF of the tuition of the third-rate junior college.

            THEN you have time to DEMAGOGUE them when they CALL you on your CRAP.

            Know what, “HO-ZAY”??? You got WAAAY to much time on your hands….YOU need a FREAKING JOB.

  5. Sam M says

    The media extends all the way down to some hack on the end of a cell phone camera. Ranger, you are right – Mr. Romney did nothing wrong, other than be a successful businessman. It’s sad that the credence that was given to Mr. Romney’s speech to other successful supporters was 1,000 times more covered in the media than all the scandals of this current administration. I pray for our nation. May God save us all from our own destruction.

    • JR says

      Except Prouty doesn’t fit the definition of a hack (did you watch the interview?)

      It is possible to be in business, be successful, do nothing “wrong” (technically/legally) and still do something which harms others. We all need to examine our chosen occupation and ask not only if we’re making money, but if we’re doing something positive for ourselves and others. This is a very “Godly” way of thinking.

      Pray for the nation, yes. But faith without works is dead.

    • Anthony R. says

      You say “Mr. Romney did nothing wrong except become successful”. Try telling that to the people who lost their jobs while Romney got rich by sending those jobs overseas.

      Let me ask you, do you think Romney sending thousands of jobs overseas was good for this country?

      Republicans constantly complain about the high unemployment rate, under Bush the unemployment rate rose almost 80 percent, under Obama….less than 4 percent. Mr. Romney directly help the rise in unemployment by sending so many jobs to other countries. Now you tell me which party is REALLY responsible the current unemployment rate.

  6. Ivan says

    There’s nothing wrong with being successful, unless that success comes from profits derived from your barbed-wire and machine-gun laden prison-sweat-shop in China employing outsourced U.S. job-takers.

  7. Mike says

    Sean did you watch the video? The entire thing? He thought that the factory in China (which he bought) had a fence and guard towers to keep workers OUT….because that’s what he was told when he was touring the factory pre-sale. This man was almost president. Good God.

    • Anthony r. says

      And you honestly believe that pack of LIES?….I, and I’m sure any reasonably objective person don’t either. How can you people praise Romney for being such an intelligent guy on one hand, but stupid enough to believe that lie…….remember, he was there to buy the company, you know damed well he knew everything about that company; DON’T BE SUCH A FOOL

  8. President Barack Obama says

    I think I’ll go back to Florida for $ome more golf… again.
    Man they have great weather. Where’s my Marlboros?

    • idiotsavantGWB says

      Now you’re cooking, Barack.

      I jwent home all the time to Crawford TX without a peep from my Fox News friends.77 trips in 8 years. WOW.

      • Morbius says

        I certainly can understand where you got the first part of your name and I don’t doubt you have a similar occupation as the toad bartender, except you”re on the other side of the bar.

    • President Barack Obama says

      Right on brutha !
      Screw the overhead, I mean when you’re the Prez you can spend, spend, spend- and it’s okay- so I’m gonna keep chillin in the sunshine state…….. and btw, P.B. County & the Treasure Coast are BOSS– man, all of those Sheriffs and motorcycle cops (making overtime; they love me), now Las Vegas is cool too, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a lot of smokin hot Latinas down there and if you could here what Tiger really thinks after a beer or two at the 19th hole…. well, I’ll tell you some other time.
      So forget Crawford, you’re being cheap.. oh that’s right, I’m the President now. Anyway, screw the overhead AND Lonestar beer…. Hey you know Hennessy on the rocks- ROCKS! But I turned on to that in Hawaii; which is about 12-15 hours on Air Force One.. further than the Iberian peninsula (Michelle goofed up on that one, her entourage was really about 109, but keep a lid on it), anyway…………………….

  9. mittopud says

    hooray for scott for sharing this video. we all got to learn the real thinking behind the man who may have become #44. i feel sorry for any republican trying to be president. they have to be conservative enough for the teabaggers, but also come off as moderately normal for the rest of the party. i don’t think it’s possible to be that person. that person can’t exist. there’s too much division in the ranks and the party is too rigid to allow for differences.

    it’s interesting information that scott may owe some taxes, but it is unrelated to the fact that mitt romney spoke those words, and subsequently got trounced by obama. attempting to smear the messenger (scott), if that is the intent, is not relevant to the main storyline. romney said it and he lost, in part, because of it.

  10. stormy says

    Thank God that Scott Prouty has a strong conscience and a good brain. He realized that the rest of the country had to hear what Mitt Romney was saying about those of us who are not the “upper crust” of this country, like Romney thinks he is. The minute I heard Romney utter those words, I knew that I was finally hearing the “real Mitt Romney” and how he really felt about “the rest of us”. Just think of the mess the middle class would be in today if Romney became our presiden…. I shudder to think!

    • Morbius says

      Well Stormy, I don’t think Romney eer had a chance of becoming “presiden”. Is that an Ebonic thing or something. As for me, I shudder to think you can vote.

  11. Montana says

    Great job Scott Prouty! Willard fumbled after disclosure, and when he lost the election, he went back to the same words, so come on Willard, face it, your own words lost the election, man up Willard, man up. Willard didn’t even get all registered GOP voters out to vote for him, plus the GOP states that passed all those voter restriction, tick people off, and all those states elected President Obama. Willard was the worse candidate ever, even England dubbed Willard “Mitt the twit”. We have been sick and tried of all your Corporate Welfare and tax breaks and the fact that you don’t pay any federal income taxes, but hey keep your ill gotten money, we don’t want you or your money. Willard you were taught an important message….You can’t buy everything with money!

    • Morbius says

      Hey Montana, like your “Western” name there partner. Brings to mind an old saying “The difference between cowboys and farmers is farmers have s@#t on the outside of their boots. Best mosy on back to Brokeback Mountain Montana.

      • Eric says

        And tell us Moribus…where’s YOUR s#!t located? In you HEAD?

        Best you “moset” on back to Crackertown Mississippi.

  12. tom d says

    The Democrats knew who this guy was the day he released the video can you imagine them releasing this video and the guy who released it is DEAD BEAT and owes the IRS 15K…I guess I am the 53% who are tired of the bottom telling me I successful so pay more so I can sit on my FAT …all day watching video’s and waiting for the check to arrive. The problem is you will never catch OBAMA on video because everyone is stipped search before and after fund raisers. The interview could ED put any more words in this guy mouth. THIS GUY WAS A DEMOCRAT PLANT and VIDEO CAMERA should have broken in half…What MIt said WAS the TRuth and noone likes to be told that they have no more value the COW DUNG but the truth is most people believe the GUMMIT owes them everything. Went to College and now is a bartender HERO! To WhOM the 47% of people on the dole. College GRAD now BARTENDER…WHAT a waste of money he spent on college. HERE IS MY STORY.. Sorry I worked since 12 paper route, worked at bank til 17, invested money paid for two years of school ran out Joined NAVY finished SchOOL while in NAVY worked since 24 and now 52…WORK WORK WORK it that simple…! Silver spoon are you boot licking UNION thugs the day has arrived that your organization is out of touch with reality…I say you want to be paid BIG WAGES..EASY GO to BANK Loan Money Buy Company EMPLOY ALL the BROTHERHOOD…When expense are great then REVENUE file bankruptcy cause labor cost to high…AMERICA START A COMPANY any time you want….STOP LIVING OFF MY BACK>>>

  13. ConservativesDontRequireFacts says

    I thought 47% of America didn’t pay income tax. Back in the 90’s I got a raise to 45,000 a year. The owner of our company said he was doing me a favor by keeping my salary down so I didn’t have to pay income taxes. Of course I still saw taxes coming out of my check and my refund wans’t 100% of what I paid, but why should facts matter right? He said it tounge in cheek and I knew he was joking. But if that was in the 90’s and that guy was earning that much just 7 years ago, then either Romeny is wrong people in the 47% actually do pay taxes or this guy doesn’t really owe the IRS 15,000 in income tax. I wonder if that income tax fact everyone chides is if you do the EZ form or Itemize. Most people on the EZ form don’t get enough deductions to get all their taxes back from the year, so is this really true or not? But anyway, Either this Poor don’t pay taxes thing is wrong or Prouty probably doesn’t really make enough to owe taxes.

  14. Confirmed American says

    We have just learned the identity of a man who may have saved middle-class Americans from certain disaster by revealing Willard’s inner most feelings about the less fortunate, and the first thing you write about is his tax bill. You, as well as the supporters of this website should be ABSOLUTELY ashamed!

    ….Thank You Scott! Pay no attention the ones who don’t or wont appreciate your service! Believe me, millions of people love you bro….

  15. Laurie says

    Thank God for Scott Prouty! He earned an enormous tax credit for saving America from an evil dictatorship under Mitt Romney. A dictatorship that would love to have the same working conditions as China in America. I am sure a few of you have seen Romney’s $75,000 tax deduction for his prancing costumed horse? I am sure everyone has seen how Romney has most of his money in overseas accounts. He pays only 15% tax rate on dividends which are a large part of his income when the average guy in this country pays 30%. Let’s make this real clear – Republicans want to keep the tax rates for the wealthy at an all time low and they want to keep all of the tax loopholes for the corporations like GE to get out of paying taxes. GE has a history of paying $0 taxes. Republicans think that people who cannot afford it are not entitled to health care. Republicans are elitists who think education is something only the wealthy should acquire. Research it yourselves. They want the middle class to bear the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan war bought on credit. Get your heads out of your rears fellow Americans! For the middle class people who still think Romney was great – get a clue and quit voting against yourselves!

  16. sc34443566 says

    This is why he stayed anonymous….so the story could not be spun to attack HIM.

    When is Romney going to pay his taxes???? We all know he applied for amnesty on his Swiss bank account I’m order to avoid paying taxes on it!!!!

  17. Amodeus says

    Prouty has now become a celebrity, making the left media circuit. He is the new darling of the left with many Elitist friends in the Democratic Party. Obama will probably appoint him to some post in his administration, and that TAX burden, well as Prouty might put it. What tax?

    • Eric says

      And James O’Keefe is facing federal charges for his ACORN stunt.

      Just goes to show that you right wing crackers don’t DESERVE to sit at the cool kids table.

  18. Ivan says

    It’s ironic we’re talking about Scott’s $15k debt to the IRS.

    Romney’s was involved in Son of BOSS, a scheme that required the IRS to collect $3.7 billion in back taxes.

    Prouty is a hero. Romney is a two-faced crook. Get over it.

  19. Eric says

    Jose…how ENTERPRISING of you to dig around in Mr. Prouty’s background for some TAX DIRT on him. Is THAT the BEST you could FIND? The fact that Scott Prouty carries 15,000 dollars of DEBT? That 15,000 could easily be dickered down to little over 900 by any second year tax law student.

    What’s your NEXT jaw-dropping EXPOSE on Scott Prouty? That he MASTURBATES?

    Perhaps if Mr Prouty was taxed at the 13% that Willard enjoys…he’d be able to PAY his taxes. But of course THAT’S not YOUR concern is it? CRACKER RIGHT REVENGE is YOUR job….nest pas? Your “article” reads like a REJECTED Breitbart journalist candidate.

  20. Eric says

    Jose Lambiet–
    “Hey, leave me out of this. I’m just the messenger.”

    Well “messenger” your “message” is pretty freaking INSIGNIFICANT…..

    considering whom you’re REPORTING on.

    • Jeremiah Wright Fan Club says

      You need to ease up on the cuban coffee there, Eric.

      One might guess that your either Scott Prouty’s boyfriend………… or that you want to get married to Joe L.

  21. Candice Fandy says

    Not paying taxes isn’t a liberal/conservative issue. My liberal husband and I own our own businesses and faithfully make quarterly tax payments. We also pay an outrageous amount of money for pathetic health insurance. Our neighbor, a right winger, has never had health insurance for his family and brags about cheating on his taxes.

    • Right wing neighbor? says

      How convincing Fanny. The Easter Bunny has never had health insurance for his family and brags about being a tax cheat also.

  22. margaret says

    KARMA! Don’t you just love it. I have been praying for Scotty, Heaping blessings upon his head.

  23. John Kantor says

    Prouty has already paid a much bigger percentage of his income for taxes than any scum like Romney.

  24. Vasguard says

    There’s a big difference between not paying taxes and being a president. Romney views 47% of Americans as victims and will not do anything for them as he stated in thee video. The 47% include seniors and our military. He has no respect for our military who are included as part of the 47%. Romney is a liar! Romney claimed he never outsourced jobs to China yet there he is on video talking about buying a factory in China to outsource America jobs. Romney was using girls 18-22 yrs old working in unsafe conditions and with ARMED GUARDS pointing guns at them as they work. Big difference!

  25. Vasguard says

    People like Romney have no problem sending our children to fight in unnecessary wars while sparing their own children from fighting these wars. Romney is on tape angry that Obama was pulling troops out of Iraq. Romney wanted to borrow 2 trillion dollars to fund the military and who makes up the military? The 47% of Americans Romney is on tape saying he will do nothing for them. Mr Prouty by releasing the tape, you have saved American lives and 47% of Americans Romney has no respect for..

  26. Arnold Babar says

    If you people actually had half a brain and listened to what Mitt Romney actually said, you would have heard he stated 47% did not pay taxes and therefore, would not be impressed by tax cuts. Try thinking for yourself for a change. For those of us who actually contribute to society, that was a big deal. Everything you lemmings believed from the current fraud in the White House is a lie. Now go back and suckle the government teet.

  27. Eric says

    Congratulations, HO-ZAY.

    You reported on a NON-STORY that even Matt Drudge decided wasn’t WORTH his time.