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IRS to Scott Prouty: Now Pay Your Taxes!


IRS to Scott Prouty: Now Pay Your Taxes!

Mitt and Ann Romney in Port St. Lucie

Candidate Mitt Romney and wife Ann last year in Port Saint Lucie (Splash News)

flag-exclusiveScott Prouty, the Hollywood, Fla., bartender who outed himself as the man who secretly filmed then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney dissing 47 percent of voters, changed history — but he can’t change tax laws!

Scott Prouty on MSNBC

Scott Prouty, last night on MSNBC

Gossip Extra has discovered that Prouty, who came out on MSNBC’s The Ed Show last night, owes the Internal Revenue Service a sizable tax bill — sizable for a catering company barkeep.

UPDATE: Authorities will not prosecute Prouty

The IRS slapped a tax lien on Prouty for unpaid income taxes in 2006, according to records, for a total $15,396.42! (see below)

Prouty has yet to settle the 7-year-old debt, according to Broward County archives.

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Back in October, Prouty was working at a $50,000 Romney fundraiser at the Boca Raton mansion of hedge fund manager Marc Leder when he turned on his camera while the candidate spoke.

The footage of Romney describing 47 percent of Americans as government freeloaders was partly credited, or blamed, for President Barack Obama‘s reelection.

Scott Prouty's tax bill

IRS to 47% videographer: Time to pay your taxes!


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