Scott Prouty, The Bartender Who Hijacked Mitt Romney’s Campaign

flag-breaking-newsThe man whose actions may have cost Mitt Romney the presidential election came forward last night in an interview on MSNBC’s The Ed Show.

Broward catering company bartender Scott Prouty identified himself as the one who secretly taped Romney’s speech at a fundraiser at the Boca Raton mansion of hedge fund investor Marc Leder.

Scott Prouty on MSNBC

Scott Prouty, last night on MSNBC

The video showed Romney speak to well-heeled guests about how 47 percent of Americans would never vote for him because they want government handouts from President Barack Obama‘s administration.

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The footage was credited, or blamed, for a sudden dip in Romney’s popularity in the waning moments of the campaign.

“I was behind this whole thing,” Prouty told host Ed Schultz.

UPDATE: The IRS is after Scott Prouty

Hollywood resident Prouty described himself as the child of blue collar Boston parents. He said he wanted folks who couldn’t afford the $50,000 it cost to be at Leder’s $4 million-house to find out what occurs at such fundraisers.

Prouty, a registered independent who votes for Democrats, said he originally brought the camera to have photos taken with the candidate like he did with former President Bill Clinton at another event.

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Instead, he captured what Romney himself admitted was a blow to his campaign.

Prouty realized early on that his tape was dynamite and wrestled for days with the idea to release the footage. He worried about his job, making payments on his apartment, his lack of health coverage, getting trashed by Romney’s campaign and getting sued by Leder for wiretapping.

Eventually, Prouty said he’d consider it cowardly not to release the tape and made it available anonymously to Mother Jones.

“I went down that path and never looked back,” Prouty said.

What took him so long to come forward? He just said he didn’t want to distract from Romney’s message during the campaign!

Click here for Prouty’s historic video:

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  1. Balance the checkbook says

    The sad truth is that what Romney said is true, a huge % of Americans want housing projects, foodstamps, welfare, or would rather get unemployment than find work.

    Romney was talking about those freeloaders… not veterans, or the disabled.
    We’re going bankrupt folks….. indeed, people voted for Santa Claus.

    • Andrew says

      The sad truth is that YOU are deflecting the issue even worse than Romney when confronted with this issue.

      The sad truth is that the Republican Party is the Party of “Personal Responsibility,” yet we have yet to see any Republican live up to that motto.

      The sad truth is that veterans and the disabled ARE the bankrupt folks and ARE what you would consider a “freeloader.”

      “Freeloaders” are not some 10 armed google-eyed aliens from the moon, they are you and me and our parents and our next door neighbors and our small business owners.

      They are Americans.

      And Prouty has given us indisputable proof that your candidate, who failed miserably, loathes half of this country with a passion and will gloat about how much he hates half of this country in front of people scarfing down $50,000 plates of food.

      Scott Prouty did his American duty. What have YOU done?

      • Balance the checkbook says

        Temper, temper.
        Never said I was Republican. But keep loathing them if you want.
        President Trillion-A-Year ran against the Bush deficit.
        What happened?
        The job stimulus bill was a turkey, & and the entitlement numbers are going up, up, up… cash for clunkers was for freeloaders… the ones I clearly referred to. So keep sticking up for the POTUS if you want.
        Personal responsibilty (whether one is Independant/GOP/DNC) means someone who pays their own bills; a very simple concept.
        As for Scott Prouty’s video clip, that didn’t get Obama reelected.
        Welfare, unemployment & other entitlements did. You’re going to keep hearing about the hole we’re getting into.

    • SPatterson says

      We ARE going bankrupt but not because Grandma can’t afford a $300,000.00 hip replacement on her own or can’t even afford health insurance. It’s because of the GREED that has taken over our country. Huge companies are not paying taxes, but are taking never before seen profits. Let’s look at Google and Apple. The reason why they are recording such huge profits is because they are keeping more for the company instead of paying more out to the real heroes, the employees who do the work and create this incredible product. We now have people coming to America not because they care about this country, but for the single act of becoming rich and living like kings. That is not was America is about. The 1 percent is a bigger black eye to this country than the “47 percent” ever will be.

  2. Al in SoCal says

    “Romney was talking about those freeloaders… not veterans, or the disabled.
    We’re going bankrupt folks….. indeed, people voted for Santa Claus.”

    As if giving tax breaks to the rich isn’t the SAME exact thing, just gifts to a different audience. Let’s not kid ourselves, the Koch brothers, and the rest of wall street want nothing more than to pay zero but get all the services they are accustomed to – basically freeload on the backs of people like Prouty and other hard-working Americans.

    How do you know what Romney “meant” vs what he actually said? The figure he put out 47% includes veterans and folks on SS, etc. Say what you mean – you don’t like people on the dole – that INCLUDES those people.

    • Luisito says

      hey Al, are you siting on your cerebro? you are bruto I am sorry. California? I an sorry for you drag queen. Be a man ok? California NOT HAVING MONEY pero credit card ok?- you are bruto.
      Te gustan las gorditas? I know. California es para imbeciles y se quedo sin dinero… como Al ! you needing money? Staying California

      • Anthony R. says

        Your lack of ability to debate issues without hyperbolic synicism clearly indicates you don’t have a real point. Try again

  3. Mary browning says

    Really, Romney, who can never know any fear of having any family money behind him to prevent him or his children’s being on the street without food or shelter, has no concept of what some people fear.

  4. US NAVY VET says

    Balance the checkbook:
    How dare you contradict yourself? If you truly believe what Mitt said you are just as despicable, self-righteous, and vain as he is. I’m not sorry I fight hard for this country and can’t even secure a decent job, and I have to use my GI Bill and apply for housing to stay afloat. I apologize that I have been to Iraq two times and needed assistance to get back on my feet because of PTSD. Yeah I’ve worked so hard to create a safe place for you to lay your head, and I’m a freeloader. You are just like your PIG counterparts, pompous.

  5. Balance the checkbook says

    Nice try, self proclaimed vet. I don’t believe any of your claims.

    Whoever you are, you intentionally skipped over this part of my post “…Romney was talking about those freeloaders… not veterans, or the disabled”.

    This taxpayer’s guess is that you’re not a Navy vet all, maybe you’re a vet of the ‘occupy’ movement. Been dumpster diving lately?

  6. US NAVY VET says

    Balance the checkbook:
    You are really funny! Obviously you’ve been dumpster diving. I could care less about what you mentioned in your post about vets or the disabled. Open your self righteous eyes, Vets and the Disabled are apart of that 47% your daddy spoke about. Matter of fact if your not in your daddy’s tax bracket your just as much a freeloader as the people you talk about! Its a shame I’ve fought for a Pig like you

  7. Balance the checkbook says

    @self proclaimed hero,
    You didn’t fight for anyone, but maybe you can still throw in with the ‘Food, Not Bombs’ kids…………. military vets (not you) and the disabled will always be cared for… unless we run out money, that is the problem.
    Running out of money {astronomical debt}; Obama ran his ’08 campaign on that, then he became President Trillion-A-Year.
    The United States is the only country were the impoverished are obese, at the grocery store check out, paying with food stamps.(!) They and the others on welfare are bankrupting the U.S Treasury… and quite thankless- self righteous.

    Let me repeat: the ‘impoverished’ are obese.
    See the irony there, kiddo? They didn’t talk about that in Social Science 101, did they?
    “…your PIG counterparts… your daddy’s tax bracket… a Pig like you… “, grow up.
    And change your handle there, Ensign Pulver.

  8. Pour me a schooner, friend says

    So there I was at the helm of our destroyer, back in ’69, we were dodging Jap subs all week long (biggest subs in naval history- but we easily nixed their torpedos with our high speed gatlins), anyway we were making double time to Cam Ranh Bay so as to fend off another NVA onslaught with our deck guns, when an Iraqi scud came bearing down on us and by God, now I’m really piss+d off !
    “Hard astern” I yelled. That thing missed us by 200 yards- helluva geyser… so I took another shot of vodka that some of our SEALs liberated from East Berlin, and held a steady course all the way to port… we had a 2 hour detour along the way… had to pick up the last survivors of the USS Indianapolis…………..

  9. US NAVY VET says

    Ensign Pulver, no wonder your so sour! You are the lowest ranking officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard. Grade A clown. You don’t even know the meaning of what it is to serve. I’m pretty sure you won’t ever see a battle ground. Your only action will be sitting at your desk typing comments on Gossip Extra. MA1.