Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra Shows Off Hot Galpal!

Erik Spoelstra with girlfiend Nikki Sapp

No, he doesn’t play for the other team! Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra with galpal Nikki Sapp! (Click on the Mike Jachles photo for the entire event gallery)

flag-exclusiveMiami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra finally brought out his significant other in public last night!

The notoriously private boyish 42-year-old stunned observers by stepping onto the red carpet of Heat broadcasters Eric Reid and Tony Fiorentino‘s yearly fundraiser with a beautiful, and much younger, brunette.

Apparently “Coach Spo” has been dating the former Heat dancer for at least two years!

Who’d have thunk it? He kept it all so hush-hush!

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The lady’s name is Nikki Sapp, and she started dancing at Heat games in 2006 — just after turning 18! Her hardwood cheerleading career lasted three years.

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But the now 24-year-old Miami native is said to have a brain to go with the looks: According to her website, she shares time between Los Angeles and Miami because she wass a director at the famous Guy Hepner art gallery in West Hollywood, Calif.

She now works in the company’s store at the Bar Harbour Shops near Miami.

Sapp also describes herself as a clothing designer with her own label, Forever Miss Nik.

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Last night’s party, by the way, helped raise more than $500,000 for Lauren’s Kids, a non-profit that focuses on preventing the sexual abuse of children.

Other Heat members showed up, including President Pat Riley and reserve forward Chris Andersen, the Birdman (below).

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Chris Andersen and Tina Wiseman

The Birdman and his bird! Miami Heat forward Chris Andersen and his lady friend Tina Wiseman (Click on the Mike Jachles photo for more)

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  1. Tamara says

    Maybe he’s kept it secret for 2 years because he thought we’d judge him for dating someone who was born when he graduated high school. Barely a toddler when he was in college. 3rd grade when he started with the HEAT. That’s a secret that makes sense.

  2. nick says

    Maybe Tamara you’re really jealous and angry that guys like hot, young females. Welcome to the human race…..

  3. Julio says

    She went to Killian High School & got kicked out for having sex with one of the teachers. So she’s not an angel. More power to Spo for not judging her for her past! Go Spo!

    • Killian Cougar says

      you’re an idiot. She was never kicked out of killian, she graduated and walked in 2005 dumby

      • Common Sense says

        Wait, so first she slept with the teacher and now the head coach? Does anyone else see a pattern here?

  4. Keebler says

    She also went to Arvida Middle School. She had cosmetic surgery to rid herself of pointy “elf” ears.

  5. Lauryn says

    I went to Highschool with Tina and College Station, Texas and i bartended with her– so no she didnt graduate in 2005 more like 2006 from A&M Consolidated Highschool.
    She is a horrible human being — and was always just looking for a rich guy so i guess she got what she wanted, more power to her. But her–along with her family– are extremely trashy.. yuck.