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Jennifer Capriati: MasterChef Star to The Rescue!


Jennifer Capriati: MasterChef Star to The Rescue!

MasterChef's Christine Corley

MasterChef‘s Christine Corley: Jennifer Capriati’s the victim! (Courtesy Fox Television)

flag-exclusiveA former star of the Fox hit show MasterChef is coming to the rescue of tennis legend Jennifer Capriati, who is accused of hitting her ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day in North Palm Beach.

Jennifer Capriati

Back in the day: Former No. 1 world tennis player Jennifer Capriati

Capriati, the top Season 2 candidate Christine Corley said, is likely to be the ex’s victim instead of attacker!

How could the 2011 candidate on Gordon Ramsey‘s reality show be so sure?

Corley and Capriati have something in common: They both dated Ivan Brannan, the former Florida State University golfer who now claims he was stalked and attacked by former world No. 1 player Capriati!

It was another Gossip Extra exclusive: North Palm Beach cops are asking prosecutors to deliver a warrant to arrest Capriati, 36, for allegedly hitting Brannan in the chest in front of witnesses working out in a gym.

Thing is, Corley said: Brannan made a habit of calling cops on her and tried to have her arrested when they dated and worked in Miami Beach in 2010!

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“He is doing to Jennifer Capriati what he did to me,” said Corley, who has a three-year-old child with the 28-year-old Brannan. “When I read your story about this, it made me feel like I’m not crazy.

“This man is just a master manipulator who goes from woman to woman to get some money, or drugs or access to the best parties in town. He’d disappear for months at a time and come back when he needed more money.”

Yvan Brennan

Ivan Brennan (Courtesy Christine Corley)

Talking by telephone from her home in Atlanta, Corley added: “I have no doubt he is with Jennifer for her money, and when he is done with her, he tries to get rid of her by any means he can find. Including by getting police involved. He accused me several times of beating him, but no charges were ever filed because police knew if was not true.

“I’ll predict that if Jennifer gets arrested, she’ll never get convicted. Ivan would be the worst witness.”

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