Michael Jordan Paternity Suit Filed by Oral Sex Teacher!

Pamela Smith (left) claims that Michael Jordan is the father of her teenage son! (left image via Facebook, right image Splash)

Pamela Smith (left) claims that Michael Jordan is the father of her teenage son! (Facebook,Splash)


The woman who says she had NBA great Michael Jordan‘s love child and is suing him for child support also bills herself as a sex expert who teaches couples to put some zing in their tired romantic lives.

Not what Jordan, who’s moving into his giant new house in Jupiter, expected on his 50th birthday — and just weeks from his wedding to Miami model Yvette Prieto.

The Chicago Bulls legend is being sued in Atlanta by a woman named Pamela Smith, according to Fulton County court records. Smith wants a paternity test to prove that her teenage son is Jordan’s, and she wants child support and permission to change the boy’s last name to Jordan.

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Gossip Extra, meanwhile, has learned that Smith also goes by the professional name Evette Smith — and claims to be the ATL’s foremost expert on oral sex and relationships!

Her website, www.officialqueenofromance.com, says that she works as a certified “loveologist” and relationship coach. Check out her “About me” on her Twitter profile:

The site describes Smith as a former model, NFL cheerleader and boxing ring girl who’s now an entrepreneur. She conducts sex seminars in which she is described as a “hands-on” educator. The site also sells several books, including one titled 10 Tips to Fellatio.

At the time of her son Taj‘s conception 16 years ago, Jordan was still married to longtime wife Juanita Vanoy, the mother of their three children.

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For some reason, Taj posted a picture of his mother and Jordan together in the 90s (below) on his Twitter page with the caption “Just Thought I would Leak This!”

Smith filed her court documents Feb 6.

Jordan, meanwhile, is said to be getting married to Prieto, 35, sometime in late April.

Neither Jordan’s publicist, nor Smith are returning calls for comment.

The child in question posted this photo along with the above caption to his Twitter in December (via Twitter)

Jordan’s alleged son posted this photo of his mom and the NBA legend (via Twitter)

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  1. afan says

    MJ has already moved in. He celebrated his bithday with friends and family there. And yvette is 34 soon to be 35. You welcome!

  2. afan says

    This woman knows mj is not the father of her child but she doesn’t care. She is getting the publicity she wants from you guys. I hope mj sues her.

    • ken says

      Look out!! Here come the golddiggers!! I hope MJ sues her for slander. She has the gaul to call herself a “loveologist”?? Is there such a thing? Where did she go to school for this? Who gave her certification? She also says shes a “model”? Ring girl? Sounds like fancy titles for “whore”, “slut” and typical golddigger!!!!