Drudge Report’s Matt Drudge: Time to Buy Land!

Matt Drudge

Growing real estate empire? Internet big Matt Drudge’s snapping up land in Miami-Dade County (Courtesy Salon)


Drudge Report owner Matt Drudge must be buying into his own hype of an approaching apocalypse!

The Internet newsman, 46, is assembling himself quite a compound on SW 157th Avenue in rural southwest Miami-Dade County, according to public records.

The Republican operative who gave the world the Monica Lewinsky scandal purchased his neighbor’s property last month in Redland.

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Once the doomsday scenario-loving Drudge combines the property he just bought with the one he currently lives on, he’ll rule on over 10 acres and two homes with a combined 10,000-square-feet of living space!

Matt Drudge house

It’s a little rustic, but for $700,000, Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge got to expand his real estate holdings in the rural southwest part of Miami-Dade County (Click on the photo for the grand tour)

Drudge’s newest place, a rather rustic ranch near the county’s largest strawberry farm, was up for sale for $750,000, according to real estate listings.

The deed’s stamp tax shows Drudge paid owners Osama, Omar, Sharif, Diana, Nadia and Samy Hussein $700,000 for their place! And he plunked down cash, since no mortgage was registered for the purchase.

Drudge did not respond to a request for comment.

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It’s the online writer’s third home purchase in Miami-Dade County.


In 2011, Drudge paid $1.45 million for a tropical property on SW 157th Avenue, next door to his new place.

And in 2003, he paid $1.40 million for a crib off the Venetian Causeway in the much swankier Miami Beach.

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  1. says

    Looks like a cool place to live!!

    Just shows that here in America you can earn anything you desire, way to go Drudge!

  2. says

    Drudge is a homosexual racist “jew” who plays the sick emotions of dunces in this country via website. He deserve his place, and you morons deserve getting fleeced by misinformation!

    • Mick Russom says

      Linking to articles in the MSM that reveal the big issues going on is misinformation? Interesting a news aggregator is misinformation. lol.

  3. Robert says

    Matt Drudge is a true old-school journalist. He asks tough questions showing passion and commitment. Always working hard to checks the facts before going to press, he still manages to break many stories first.

  4. Jorge Washington says

    This news is not relevant in the sensationalist fashion in which the article presents it. So now with this home purchase, Drudge is at 10 acres, TEN acres of LAND!?? And that signifies someone preparing for an apocalypse?!! Don’t get me wrong, this is expensive property and the homes are luxurious, but if you were going off size and location, this is not indicative of a man trying to prepare for doomsday. It’s indicative of a man enjoying his wealth and expanding on one of his properties in order to create an estate for himself, maybe grow a few orchards, grapes blah yada blah. If an asteroid hits the Atlantic, if a category 5 hits Miami directly, ice caps melt etc., this is the last place you’d want to be. Massive civil unrest, again not the best place but doable since it’ not IN Miami like his other apparent third house. Do you want to write an article worthy of wondering about, with regards to a figure who became rich off of a media empire? Try these TWO: Ted Turner and John Malone each own more than TWO MILLION acres of land in the U.S., as individuals and not as partners. And not on coastal estates either, places like Colorado. THAT is curious, to say the least. As for the Drudge article here, it belongs with other common upscale real estate news.

  5. Nick M says

    The author of this article is apparently unaware that DrudgeReport simply links to news articles, most of which are written by liberal news organizations. Not sure how you can be apocalyptic or an operative by providing links to independent sources. The author needs to research the topic which it writes about.

  6. David says

    I agree with Washington. What a non story. Turner, according to his son, was brainwashed to liberalism by his ex-wife Jane Fonda. He has a plantation, reportedely with all black servants (Jane Fonda’s children complained), and huge Montana estates as far as the eye can see. John Malone is another self made entrepreneur and conservative who does not associate much with anyone, and seems to want to use land as an investment in very rugged areas like Maine.

    Next we might see a well known conservative blogger story on how the poster maybe once had a case of uncontrollable flatuence in a closed space, a decade or so in passing. This is known as rag sheet journalism, jealous rivals so to speak. Drudge is hardly the only one to suffer.

  7. Asa says